One side server delay killing this game.

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What EA method to solve this? I have a ping of 5 and 10 upload yet my players are slow and getting pushed around on the pitch. Plus the whole game acted like mystery ball speed on rivals during one game.


  • Renamed123456
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    This is one thing I've found hard to understand, and would love to see an official explanation for -

    Why does game speed change from game to game??

    If it was somethin to do with pitch or whether conditions, brilliant. Otherwise you just feel like you're playing a completely different video game every match you play.

    I don't feel it's just about connection either, as i had lag in a game that still had really fast game speed compared to others.
  • SStubbs88
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    I'm still playing my rivals placement games and just played the same player 2 games in a row.

    First game I was at 'home' everything went my way and I won. 2nd game they were at 'home' and everything went their way and they won.

    Same players, same team, same formation as the game before but both games totally different.

    Can we not just play on an even keel and see who wins?
  • mway
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    I´m facing the same but during the same match. Just played a match with a first half with a smooth gameplay ( I guess it was just for me not for the other player ) 3-0. During the second half, my players were slow, the gameplay was totally different. The match ended 3-2.
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