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    With FIFA 20 not showing any signs of actually being playable anytime soon, guess I'll keep this one going for some more time. Get ready for "Pepito takes Portugal" in this space.
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    Sporting Clube Braga has lately been the Arsenal of Portuguese football: always somewhere near the top, but never the champion and most likely in fourth. Fittingly, the history of the club is connected to Arsenal FC, the Gunners being the inspiration for Braga’s traditional red-white kits.
    SC Braga has finished second once, won the domestic cup and the league cup once each and reached the Europa League final in 2011. In 2022/23 the team reached Europa League quarterfinal, but finished in disappointing sixth place and lost the domestic cup final to Rio Ave.

    Pep Guardiola has come to finally snap up the first ever league title. Other objectives include winning the cup, increasing the club worth by 50%, some attendance bull and some youth academy nonsense.

    Let's see what the bald fraud will have to work with in terms of players.

    Only one goalkeeper, Tiago Sa, a club legend, been here since 2005. Thankfully he is very good, so we will only need to find a backup for him.

    Central defence will need some work.
    We have two great Brazilians, Bruno Viana and Pablo Santos — the former even plays for the national team.
    But other than that there’s only a youth player Angelo Nascimento Carvalho, who is not good enough to be a permanent backup.

    Fullbacks exist only of the right variety, the left ones all retired just before the start of the new season.
    Silvan Widmer, Swiss international, arrived from Basel a year ago; Rui Silva, Porto youth product, at Braga since 2016, pretty decent for a backup.

    Midfield is not ideal, but much better than what Pep has had to deal with previously. We have three starters.
    Joao Novais will play the role of a CAM, Ricardo Ryller defensive, Eduardo box-to-box. However, the latter doesn’t inspire much confidence, we may want to replace him with someone younger and better.

    Defensive midfielder by the name of Fransergio will probably leave the team: he’s old and slow and bad. Academy graduate Luis Miguel Santos Martins, with some training, could make a decent backup playmaker.

    Montenegrin Marko Bakic is bad defensively, weak physically and I am not sure that my squad has a place for a stationary playmaker-longshooter. Bruno Jordao is, well, a dribbler, but not much else. Bench or transfer.

    And then there are two young Portuguese CAMs, who are just bad and not needed at all. We’ll be doing more selling than buying here.

    Wingers, we have three of those.
    On the left there is Francisco Trincao, the team’s best player, also 2018 U-19 European champion and top scorer.
    On the right we have Ricardo Esgaio, who can also play a more defensive role (How about moving him to CM? Worked well with Kasami at Sion.) and Murilo, another Brazilian, fast, technical, good finisher. Again, we need some backup here.

    As for strikers, we have this South African sprinter Luther Singh who will probably play on the wing.
    And two more traditional strikers: Walter Gonzalez and Nikola Stojilikovic. The Paraguayan stays, but I might just sell the latter and find someone more interesting for his spot.

    So the sum total is: the team is aging, there are about 12 good players, the rest is pretty much garbage to be replaced. Incoming transfers expected to be: left fullback (or two), backup goalkeeper, backup central defender, backup winger, starting or backup striker, starting or backup midfielder.
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    Nice choice in Braga, should be an interesting season ahead. Can't wait to see what additions you add to the squad.
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    Good choice Braga! I am going to enjoy another season. Though fifa 20 will be on the doorstep next Friday.
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    ElMarcos wrote: »
    Good choice Braga! I am going to enjoy another season. Though fifa 20 will be on the doorstep next Friday.

    Indeed. If you can wait two days and the update would be satisfactory, you can take this story into FIFA 20 with you
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    edited September 2019

    First order of business was basically to spend the money left before the start of the new season. So we bought us a left fullback. And not just any fullback, but a player who has been formed at Braga youth academy. Yuri Ribeiro arrives from Watford.
    As the new season started Pep was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of Lukasz Skorupski and Bastos, who had evidently been signed as free agents by the old bossman. First time in six seasons this happens.
    I am grateful for Bastos and a bit disappointed by Skorupski as I had an amazing deal lined up for a goalkeeper, it was a huge discount, but now there’s this guy, and he’s just as good as Sa, and I’ll have to choose between them or god forbid rotate. Ugh, managering is hard.

    Transfer budget for the new season is only 10 million, which is laughably small for the level of players we need. Pre-season tournament might bring us another 8 million, but that’s only if we win it.
    The first game against 1003.png?lm=1472229265Leicester was a disaster: almost everyone I wanted to sell put in great performances and some even scored. To be fair, Leicester’s squad was nowhere near the best 11, full of unknowns. Still, our team played well and won confidently. (3-0: Stojiljkovic, Bakic, Singh)
    6890.png?lm=1521449959Istanbul Basaksehir didn’t create much of anything, but we gifted them a goal and then had to chase the game. Missed a few good chances, but finally managed to take all three points. Again the long-named Serb scored with basically his only touch of the ball in the whole game. (2-1: Singh, Stojiljkovic — Farsak)

    Stojiljkovic has been sold to River Plate for 6.4 million. Even though he was decent in the two games he had, we do really need some cash.
    The money has been put to good use right away:
    Pedro Neto
    has returned to his youth club from Mouscron. Nominally a striker, he will likely play on the wing or as a CAM.

    Year of our Lord 2023, Volkan Demirel still in goal at 36.png?lm=1406739123Fenerbahce. Some things really do never change. As for the game, it was pretty uneventful. Braga scored in the middle of the first half, Fener didn’t really have any good chances, there was a lot of midfield tussling. (1-0: Esgaio)

    Big midfield overhaul — five players leave the club, three join.
    We didn't plan to sell Eduardo, but the 10 million offer was too good to pass up. The rest are more or less expected departures.

    Carlos Gruezo is a tough defensive midfielder, just the type of player the team has been lacking until now.
    Two Sporting youth products: Andre Pedrosa and Miguel Luis, the former will be the backup for Gruezo and replacement for Eduardo, the latter — starting central midfielder.

    Semifinal against 273.png?lm=1408779098Rennes — we conceded quickly, didn’t play well at all, only managed to equalize and then lose on pens, bc it is literally impossible to win a shootout in this game. (1-1: Ryller — Poha)

    Preseason highlights:

    Our right back Widmer has caught the interest of Crystal Palace. Braga agree to a fee of a little over 10 million. The money went toward signing his replacement — Aurelio Buta from Basel, and also a reserve left back Youssouf Kone at an amazing discount — instead of his market value of 6 mil, we paid less than a million.

    Before the domestic season starts, the team has shaped up like this:

    Media predictions say that we are expected to finish in third. Fair enough, but that is not what Pep wants — only victory.
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    some brilliant business there boss.
    team looks much more well rounded than when you stepped in the door. that defensive pairing could prove to be very formidable this season.
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    First time in a few seasons that Pep doesn’t have a European competition to play in. Wonder if that’ll make the domestic stuff any easier.
    (Speaking of Europe, 200.png?lm=1406448647Utrecht lost 0-4 to 13.png?lm=1519120744Atletico in UEFA Supercup)

    MD 1. 336.png?lm=1487424635 Sporting CP (H)
    Took us about 30 seconds to score the first goal of the season: Singh broke free from his defender and chipped the ball over the onrushing GK. Then we lost the plot for a while and could barely get out of our own box. In the middle of the first half there was an exchange of goals, and after that an open game with some good attacking action from both teams, but not much danger in it. Decent start for our league campaign.
    2-1 (Singh, Novais — Matheus Pereira)

    MD 2. 2503.png?lm=1480959207 Boavista (H)
    Boavista used to hold the title of the fourth team in Portugal before Braga, and today we showed them that their times are long gone. Not even a single shot attempt by the visitors, an absolute trashing.
    4-0 (Ribeiro, Singh-2, Trincao)

    MD 3. 2420.png?lm=1432894021 Vitoria Guimaraes (A)
    The local derby turned out surprisingly even and the deciding goal came pretty late at the very end of the game, but what a goal it was — an incredible assist from Miguel Luis and a perfect one-touch finish by Murilo. Other than that we were rather unlucky with finishing, but looked more solid at the back than in the previous games.
    1-0 (Murilo)

    1003.png?lm=1472229265Leicester came in with 10.5 million for our 31-year-old backup centre back Pablo Santos, and we might just go on and sell him.

    MD 4. 982.png?lm=1549988602 Nacional (H)
    Right from the get-go it was obvious it’s going to be one of those days where we absolutely destroy the opposition and get a million shots and score nothing, and the opponents literally get out of their own half once in the whole game and score something ridiculous with like three deflections. Lo and behold, we hit the frame three times, the keeper made incredible saves and sometimes the ball just randomly went in the opposite direction of where it should. Shots stat was 14-2.
    0-1 (Rochez)

    Pablo Santos is leaving, his replacement is incoming.

    MD 5. 3325.png?lm=1416392512 Chaves (A)
    The sequel is never as good as the original. It was still a disgrace how Braga players stumbled all over themselves trying not to score, but still we managed to squeeze a goal in. Probably the worst chance we had all game, funnily enough.
    1-1 (Trincao — Suzuki)

    European competitions qualifying rounds are over and Pep’s former teams did pretty well.
    1189.png?lm=1522184888St. Patrick’s Athletic were eliminated twice: in CL by 265.png?lm=1493281745Panathinaikos (1-2, 0-1), in EL by 409.png?lm=1557737354Red Bull Salzburg (1-2, 0-2).
    1053.png?lm=1518117565Aalborg and 370.png?lm=1409146897Aberdeen are through to the EL group stage. AaB faced 272.png?lm=1495472591AIK and drew 1-1 away, then won 2-0 at home. Aberdeen lost the first game at 1095.png?lm=1408780227RC Lens (1-2), but came back in the second (2-0).
    200.png?lm=1406448647Utrecht and 321.png?lm=1410776768Sion start at the group stage in CL and EL respectively. The groups are as follows:

    MD 6. 3349.png?lm=1469968627 Feirense (H)
    Braga players seem to have regained the recently lost ability to hit the ball in the direction they want it to go. Especially Singh. The result is predictable — another trashing. Shots numbers are 16-1. The third goal was just [cheeky nandos emoji].
    3-0 (Singh-2, Murilo)

    The table puts 1075.png?lm=1432893871Braga fourth, which is weird, because we were in second place before the Feirense game. How could a 3-0 win have worsened our standings? What is the tie-breaker here? It’s clearly not goal difference, not head-to-head (otherwise Funchal would be in second), not even alphabetical (Portimonense is above Moreirense lower down the table).

    Manager’s notes:
    Singh was amazing both as a striker and out on the wing, until he wasn’t, until he again was. Gruezo not impressing me at the moment; might try and put Pedrosa into the starting 11. Luis has already got some assists to his name, but didn’t impress me that much in game, same goes for Novais. Honorable mention for Murilo the supersub.
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    Very tight at the top of the table there but you're right in the mix
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    I would say a good start to the season. Only the one loss so far and you'll now be getting a feel of who you can trust in the starting line up on the run up to christmas
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    MD 7. 979.png?lm=1552324606 Moreirense (A)
    Great game for Braga, the opponents were absolutely destroyed. Again not a single chance allowed and tons created, we could have scored even more than we did. And that last goal is something.
    4-0 (Luis, Esgaio-2, Pedrosa)

    MD 8. 2423.png?lm=1564481385 Santa Clara (H)
    Braga just cruising lately. Here we could have scored a couple more, but just couldn’t be bothered. Singh’s three-minute brace right before half-time was enough.
    2-0 (Singh-2)

    MD 9. 2425.png?lm=1516613968 Rio Ave (A)
    Rui Silva asked the manager to give him a chance in the starting lineup, and the first thing he does is give away an easy goal. That settles it, Silva is never starting again. On the opposite end of the pitch we created a million chances, but it took us some time to actually start finishing them properly. But in the end we did, and took home all three points.
    3-1 (Neto, Luis, Singh — Suazo)

    MD 10. 2457.png?lm=1552479825 Belenenses (H)
    We had many good chances. but Mika refused to let the ball into his goal. The visitors had one amazing chance, but extremely luckily the frame of the goal refused to let the ball inside itself. It took almost an hour for us to finally break through Belenenses defenses.
    1-0 (Singh)

    MD 11. 3336.png?lm=1534502701 Desportivo Aves (A)
    Good confident win. Not much else to say, just plain good football.
    2-0 (Singh, Novais)

    336.png?lm=1487424635Sporting drew against 1301.png?lm=1432894070Maritimo, and that is their first points dropped since the first game (which they lost to us). This means we move in first place, equal on points, but above Sporting for some other reason.

    MD 12. 1301.png?lm=1432894070 Maritimo (H)
    Another easy win, the game was basically over by the end of the first half.
    3-0 (Singh-2, Trincao)



    1075.png?lm=1432893871Braga is technically in first place, but the race is very tight, and our amazing form will probably not last forever. 336.png?lm=1487424635Sporting really need to start dropping points to give Pep a fair chance for championship.

    Pep’s teams in Europe are doing pretty well.
    200.png?lm=1406448647Utrecht third in their CL group, pretty good chances to qualify for European spring.
    1053.png?lm=1518117565Aalborg also third, defeated Celtic, drew with Köln and were twice beaten by Inter. Could still fight for a qualification spot, considering their opponents are yet to lose to Inter for the second time.
    370.png?lm=1409146897Aberdeen looking surprisingly fine, started by defeating every opponent, but then lost to Benfica, knockouts are looking very likely.
    321.png?lm=1410776768Sion in first place effectively qualified already.

    Manager’s notes:
    Skorupski has taken the starting GK spot from Sa, has been making amazing saves, he’s the main reason we’ve conceded so few goals. Really loving the fullbacks, Buta and Ribeiro and Kone, immensely helpful both at the back and in attacking. Luis and Novais doing some good playmakering for our Luther-Singh-industrial complex.
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    MD 13. 1085.png?lm=1547543194 Vitoria Setubal (A)
    Not our best performance, but we made best of the chances we had. Singh seems utterly incapable of not scoring. Trincao picked up an injury and will be out for three weeks.
    2-1 (Novais, Singh — Cadiz)

    MD 14. 294.png?lm=1535908439 Benfica (H)
    Benfica’s nightmare season continues, fourth defeat in a row. They put up a good fight though, it wasn’t like we ran all over them. We were just a bit better at footballing.
    2-1 (Singh-2 — Da Silva Cabral)

    MD 15. 7179.png?lm=1506427804 Tondela (A)
    Tondela has been having a good season, currently in fourth, be impolite to end such a run with a defeat. But we aren’t here to be polite, so we crushed. Statistically speaking. The game was pretty equal, but we finished our chances much better and Skorupski made more saves.
    3-1 (Singh, Luis, Murilo — Tomane)

    336.png?lm=1487424635Sporting finally lost, our deepest gratitude to 720.png?lm=1486310161Porto for that. This means that 1075.png?lm=1432893871Braga are finally properly in first place, with a three-point margin.
    Pep-teams newsflash:
    200.png?lm=1406448647Utrecht finished third and will face 336.png?lm=1487424635Sporting in EL Round of 16.
    1053.png?lm=1518117565Aalborg came very close to qualifying for knockouts, but ultimately missed out on goal difference.
    370.png?lm=1409146897Aberdeen and 321.png?lm=1410776768Sion progressed as expected and were drawn against 430.png?lm=1520933432Fiorentina and 683.png?lm=1447787802Olympiakos respectively.

    Portuguese Cup, Round 1. 1085.png?lm=1547543194 Vitoria Setubal (A)
    Easy win, Victoria had no chance. Amazing goal scored by out young defender Nascimento Carvalho from a long way out. Miguel Luis scored with his only touch of the ball in the game, after coming on in the 85th minute.
    4-0 (Singh-2, Nascimento Carvalho, Luis)

    MD 16. 720.png?lm=1486310161 Porto (H)
    I love this team. Best team I’ve had in this career mode. Another confident victory, Porto had exactly one chance, expertly dealt with by Skorupski. Also, first time in 10 games that Singh hasn’t scored. Also also, Sporting lost to Portimonense, so we are six points clear now.
    2-0 (Murilo, Luis)

    MD 17. 7378.png?lm=1516718554 Portimonense (A)
    Not a good performance for Braga, but we finished what chances we had and went home with a win.
    3-1 (Singh, Murilo, Luis — Fernandes)


    Whatever is going on with 294.png?lm=1535908439Benfica, it is some historic stuff. Meanwhile, 336.png?lm=1487424635Sporting lost for the second time in a row and now there’s 9 points between us and them.

    Manager’s notes:
    Singh is unbelievable, we might as well rename the team to “FC Luther Singh”. With Trincao’s injury, young Santos Martins finally got some playtime, didn’t look out of place and impressed with his cup performance with two assists.
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    fantastic month for Braga, lets see you carry on the great results and really put some distance between you and the chasing pack
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    Promising first half of the season!
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    Portuguese Cup, QF. 294.png?lm=1535908439 Benfica (A)
    Benfica applied constant pressure and while it yielded some attaching chances (that Sa dealt with), it also left them open at the back and vulnerable to counters. And as you may know, we love those. So we again trashed the opponent. Backup striker Walter Gonzalez finally scored his first goal of the season, about time.
    4-0 (Trincao, Ryller, Murilo, Gonzalez)

    MD 18. 294.png?lm=1535908439 Benfica (A)
    Benfica have learned from their mistakes and this time around didn’t overextend their attacking forces and kept it tighter at the back. And so our incredible 14-game winning streak ends. The goals were something: three headers from set pieces, and own goal and a 90+ minute random long shot. Typical.
    2-3 (Bruno Viana, Moro Cassama (OG) — van Moos-2, Tavares)

    MD 19. 1085.png?lm=1547543194 Vitoria Setubal (H)
    Gonzalez scored again, this time an own goal. Other than that, the visitors had no opportunities, and we pretty much cruised to a victory.
    2-1 (Trincao, Novais — Gonzalez (OG))

    Walter Gonzales keeping himself busy. Now he is leaving the team and transferring to Hannover.
    His replacement is Xande Silva from West Ham.
    Also, our young midfielder Varela Semedo is going to Wigan on loan, and another youth player Helder Bastos has joined the squad from the academy. This one's a future star for sure.

    MD 20. 982.png?lm=1549988602 Nacional (A)
    After a bit of an injury scare in the previous game, Singh started this one on the bench, and it showed. Braga were a shadow of themslves and only managed to steal the victory a few minutes before the final whistle. Of course, Singh scored the winner after coming on at halftime.
    1-0 (Singh)

    MD 21. 2420.png?lm=1432894021 Vitoria Guimaraes (H)
    We’ve conceded six goals in the last four games, five of them headers from set pieces. It also weidly coincided with Sa’s return to the starting 11. As for this game, Braga dominated, Vitoria literally had three shots in the whole game.
    3-2 (Trincao, Luis, Singh — Haak, Dijks)

    MD 22. 1301.png?lm=1432894070 Maritimo (A)
    Second visit to the island of Madeira in as many away games. The long flight took its toll — neither team should be happy with today’s performance. Hardly any good chances created from open play, goals from set pieces abound. Braga were lucky to steal the victory in the closing minutes.
    3-2 (Esgaio, Luis-2 — Endo, Africo)

    MD 23. 3336.png?lm=1534502701 Desportivo Aves (H)
    Aves are dead last in the table, so Pep saw this game as a chance to give a run out to the bench players, including both our winter signings. Even with a weakened squad Braga destroyed the opposition. Xande was especially good with a brace and an assist to his name.
    4-0 (Xande-2, Singh, Trincao)



    1075.png?lm=1432893871Braga are holding on to the first spot, 336.png?lm=1487424635Sporting are 8 points behind. 294.png?lm=1535908439Benfica have started climbing up the table, they can still catch up to 720.png?lm=1486310161Porto and fight for a European spot.

    Speaking of Europe, Europa League round of 32 is over. 370.png?lm=1409146897Aberdeen and 321.png?lm=1410776768Sion are out: the former lost 2-5 to 430.png?lm=1520933432Fiorentina on aggregate, the latter were eliminated due to away goals vs 683.png?lm=1447787802Olympiakos. 200.png?lm=1406448647Utrecht are through to round of 16 after beating 336.png?lm=1487424635Sporting.

    Manager’s notes:
    Miguel Luis has emerged as a clear team leader and a great playmaker. Gonzalez for Xande is proving to be a very good trade-off. The former never showed much when he got a chance to play; the latter is using his opportunity much better.
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    Great position in the league looking strong with only 2 defeats
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    Another youth player has signed the professional contract — Carlos Feijo is an extremely talented fullback.

    MD 24. 3349.png?lm=1469968627 Feirense (A)
    Yet another easy and confident win. Two goals in 5 minutes at about half-hour mark, and a third at the hour mark. Another brace for Singh, this time both goals were headers, which is unusual for a player of his stature.
    3-0 (Singh-2, Luis)

    Portuguese cup, SF, game 1. 3336.png?lm=1534502701 Desportivo Aves (H)
    Pep fielded a reserve team for the cup fixture. The game turned out a bit more difficult than expected, but still we outplayed the opposition, even though finishing wasn’t exactly good.
    1-0 (Ryller)

    MD 25. 3325.png?lm=1416392512 Chaves (H)
    Not a good performance at all, it took a bit of luck not to let in any goals, and it took a bit of luck to score one — another Singh header.
    1-0 (Singh)

    MD 26. 2423.png?lm=1564481385 Santa Clara (A)
    Familiar scenario: we take half an hour to get a feel of the opponents and then score two in a row. Santa Clara were bad, Braga weren’t too good either, but good enough.
    3-0 (Santos Martins, Luis, Novais)

    MD 27. 979.png?lm=1552324606 Moreirense (H)
    The visitors put up quite a bit of a fight, but our strikers stepped up the finishing to compensate. We are still in a bit of a rut performance-wise, but the opponents are not good enough to make us pay for it.
    4-2 (Singh-2, Trincao, Luis — Nuno, Aouacheria)

    MD 28. 2457.png?lm=1552479825 Belenenses (A)
    Not much new to say. We are still not at our best, the opposition is still even worse.
    2-1 (Trincao, Ribeiro — Kikas)

    MD 29. 2425.png?lm=1516613968 Rio Ave (H)
    It was just a matter of time, and the time has come: Braga failed to win. The game was pretty even, so it’s a fair result.
    2-2 (Esgaio, Singh — Carlos-2)

    MD 30. 7378.png?lm=1516718554 Portimonense (H)
    This time luck was back on our side.
    1-0 (Luis)


    The table standings at the top have been pretty stable lately: 1075.png?lm=1432893871Braga are 8 points above 336.png?lm=1487424635Sporting, and the rest are far below. 720.png?lm=1486310161Porto and 294.png?lm=1535908439Benfica absolutely crumbling.
    Utrecht are out of Europa League after losing to Valencia 3-6 on agggregate.

    Manager’s notes:
    Santos Martins has been one of the few bright spots in this lately otherwise bleak team, he might just take Novais’s place in the starting lineup. Singh hasn’t been creating as many chances as he used to, but finishing still on point. Verdasca is slowly taking over Bastos’s starting spot.
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    MD 31. 2503.png?lm=1480959207 Boavista (A)
    Braga back on best form, methodically dismantling the opposition. Two goals in the first half, and then saving energy for the upcoming cup game.
    2-0 (Singh, Trincao)

    Portuguese Cup, SF, game 2. 3336.png?lm=1534502701 Desportivo Aves (A)
    We scored two in the first 20 minutes, went a bit soft afterwards and allowed Aves to pull one back. On to the final.
    2-1 (Santos Martins-2 — Cohen)

    MD 32. 336.png?lm=1487424635 Sporting (A)
    Braga have a chance to secure the title, and of course Sporting quickly take the lead and control the game for the whole first half. Right after the break though Braga stepped up and got in front and then held on to the lead to officially become champions.
    Absolute scenes at Jose Alvalade.
    2-1 (Luis, Singh — Fernandes)

    MD 33. 720.png?lm=1486310161 FC Porto (A)
    We were still hungover from celebrating the title, so that is the reason we couldn’t finish a lot of our chances and conceded basically the only good chance Porto had.
    1-1 (Singh — Mouandilmadji)

    MD 34. 7179.png?lm=1506427804 Tondela (H)
    Again our finishing was poor, hit the post four times, missed the goal from great positions a couple times more, but still we created so much that it didn’t turn out to be a problem.
    2-1 (Murilo, da Conceicao Leao (OG) — Murillo)

    1075.png?lm=1432893871Braga win the Portuguese League with record-breaking 90 points. Both 720.png?lm=1486310161Porto and 294.png?lm=1535908439Benfica with truly shameful results.

    Best player award, unsurprisingly, went to the goalscoring machine that is Luther Singh.

    Portuguese Cup, final. 1301.png?lm=1432894070 Maritimo
    The first half was one of the worst performances in quite a while. We barely created anything, were unimpressive defensively and then conceded right at the end. After the halftime break we got back in the game and equalized half an hour later. The game went to extra-time and there we didn’t leave any chance to Maritimo, scoring twice to win the cup.
    3-1 (Luis, Singh, Xande — Tagueu)

    Player of the Competition award went to our youngster Santos Martins.


    Full player stats:
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    Just read through - I think you’ve truly established Pep as the GOAT. 2 questions:

    1. What are your plans for FIFA 20? It seems ‘playable’ now.
    2. Did you photoshop crutches on to Piazon or did the game actually include them?
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    Just read through - I think you’ve truly established Pep as the GOAT. 2 questions:

    1. What are your plans for FIFA 20? It seems ‘playable’ now.
    2. Did you photoshop crutches on to Piazon or did the game actually include them?

    The plans are to maybe buy it closer to Christmas, if I have some spare moneys. I am not sick of this one yet, Pep probably has a couple more seasons in him, there's still UCL to win. Not sure if I'm going to keep writing it out though.
    And yes, I did Photoshop the crutches.
  • ElMarcos
    322 posts Sunday League Hero
    Another excellent season.
  • Danimal5981
    2558 posts Fans' Favourite
    In 75 years, there was only one winner outside the traditional top 3, which was Boavista in 2001.
    So, this is revolutionary!
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