Post in here if you're finished with FIFA

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A thread for everyone to make it clear if they're finished with how EA treat this game.

The career mode is a disgrace, a complete disgrace. They've not bothered to update transfers so you're still playing with last seasons squad, they've not bothered to update European Competitions so you're still playing with last seasons group stages. They've not bothered to make more than four questions in the press conferences. They've not bothered to fix the issue of a potential transfer signing just standing on the pitch in your next game, an issue which has been theres for years. They've not bothered to fix the issue of larger clubs not rotating squads properly.

This is my last year of FIFA, I doubt they'll care though, as I dont spend money on packs. I hope turning away loyal customers who've played your game for decades is worth it for the quick buck you get through loot boxes, and I hope it comes right back to bite you when its eventually banned from games and you're left with nothing.

I doubt I'm alone.


  • Count me in. Bought game friday morning and it's going back tomorrow. An unfinished, broken mess of a game and an insult to every person who bought it.
  • I‘m not Abel to bring it back. I checked out fut because cm is not working. This Mode is absolutly crap. I will give pes a try and i Hope that this Game is good After patching the original Teams.FIFA is No Choice anymore. It is not EA it is FIFA. In Madden and NHL are Great franchise modes. Build your own stadium, merchandise etc. This two Games also have FUT. But this crews are listening to franchise player either. I loved FIFA since ten years. Now I‘m completely disapointed. Just fixing this bug is not enough for me. Is already to late. The release weekend is over
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    I was in well before this mess, but this did solidify my stance..
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