I hope we get a day 1 patch!

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OK so having been lucky enough to receive the game 1 day before the standard edition releases 1 am praying we get a day 1 patch.

Career mode is partially broken!

Transfers up until the start of the PL season have been updated however some up until August 31st hasnt. For example, Alexis Sanchez is still at Man Utd, he should be on loan at Inter. Darmian is still there, he's gone to Parma. Chris Smalling is still there, he's on loan at Roma.

The biggest laugh however came when matchday 1 was complete in the league.

Liverpool, City and Spurs all lost to lesser opposition. OK these things do happen, but when I delved further i found out the players who were involved. It was like they were all playing their reserves.

So i can confirm the bug about teams not playing their best 11 is very much a reality.

A little disappointed that Martin Tyler's commentary hasnt been updated a bit. I am fed up of hearing 'and Man Utd have shuffled their pack today', but thats a small gripe


  • BGAlum
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    You might want to catch up on a few posts as this has been discussed since this weekend...
  • cjhilll44
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    sorry, just not had time to trawl though the forum, just pointing out what I noticed. Lets hope they take note and act quickly to fix it!
  • BGAlum
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    Considering it was reported before the early release, during the trial period, and still nothing, do not hold your breath.

    It was thought it would have been fixed today as there are time zones that have the live release already.
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