FUT is ruined and it's not even release date yet, Back to PES?

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I invested a lot of money into this game, I knew there was surely some cheats but i was completely unaware of the level of cheating going on as I have been a PES player for so many years. I am so gutted EA have done nothing to combat this. The game is dead already and there is still 4 days until official release and this is meant to last a whole year?

FUT Draft is absolutely infested with them as this below video shows. The video only shows the ones when I was recording but its taking me over 20 minutes sometimes to get a match. I can only imagine the level of cheating in weekend league. My in game draft stats are ruined and my overall record has 9 losses but 7 of them are not real.

The video shows all their Origin IDs and team names.

They pass non stop in the hope you do recognise their Origin IDs but I got them

Maybe as a community we can invent a system to stop cheats and allow EA to use It?

Why can't we have player record appear before the game starts? Will help us ID them so much faster as a temp fix.

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  • Reulol
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    You know this sad when a billion dollar company cant use proper anti-cheating software for the easiest cheating software out there
    what a shame of a company
  • hhoverflow
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    Unfortunately is the same every year, fore more than 5 years...
    They just don't care, as their goal seems to be making promos, so people spend a lot of money on fifa points...

    It's also extremely easy to find a Fifa cheat... They ban people eventually, but still, it takes months and lots of people who tries to use the cheat in a legitimate way goes undetected...

    I think the way they did the game, since is more or less a port from console, enable lots of flows for PC users. They probably would have to make the whole architecture of the game again, so it can support an anti-cheat.

    On top of that, comparing to consoles, PC is the market share that brings less money to EA, so in short words, they don't really care.

    No wonder is one of the most hated companies of all time.

    Some survival tips for PC:
    - Never play draft
    - Squad Battles top 100 are mostly all cheaters, having a perfect score.
    - Rivals and WL depends of your luck, but you will be playing vs lots of cheaters, sometimes easy to recognize, sometimes not.

    On WL they cannot use the same disconnect glitch as on Draft, so they use in-game enhancements, like legacy defending, perfect timed finesse shooting, workrate adjustments, see your WL record before the game start (so they can avoid games based on someone's WL record before the game even start) and so on...
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    All those draft cheaters are manipulating the market as well. They will be buying up all the best cards through their easy coins.

    It's the same every year, I'm not sure why people are surprised anymore.
  • orly
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    Lmao hilarious how they keep getting away with this. Im glad I stopped buying
  • greggles
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    horrific... it'll always be the same. EA don't care...
  • Disgusting. Didn't play it for few years, had a hope that something changed and decided to preorder, but in fact it became even worse. Bravo EA! Don't even want to first launch it.

    PES is also not good in these terms. Plus it has incredible scripting itself.
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