The issue impacting players who are attempting to access FUT via the apps and console should now be resolved.

What's EA position/action regarding cheaters this time?

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A bit hopeless, but why not ask?

Since every Fifa is always infested with cheaters on PC version, before I buy I'd like to know if there are any news regarding that. Does the game has any form of anti-cheat now?

Or will be the same as previous years, with:
- Squad Battles TOP 100 almost 90% hacking with a perfect score
- People using Legacy Defending online
- People using Always Perfect Timed Finesse Shoot online
- Draft unplayable because of disconnect glitches (only cheaters there)
- People watching your WL record before the game starts, so they can avoid game

Or we will have even more cheats as previous years, with all those modifications done in the fut friendlies, like
- People bringing that Max Chemistry and Mystery Ball for WL and Rivals (like it's done with Legacy Defending)?

Or EA has something else now regarding this problem that exists since Fifa 14?

I checked the page of the famous cheat provider that most people here already know and I already found the cheat there for download.


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