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Hello everyone,

We have just released a new pitch notes article going through the FIFA 20 Career Mode deep dive.

You can read the full article here.

Let us know any thoughts you have about this in this thread.

Hope you enjoy! :)


  • I'm getting an error if I want to open the link to the article..........
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    good career features but they forgot to fix one of the most serious career problems of the 19th:

    job offers from clubs as coaches never arrive. Whether you win or lose, they never look for you. I was hoping to find this thing among the Fix but nothing.

    Corey please report the feedback to the development team, it is 5 years that there is this problem and among the fixes of today's pitch notes there is no

    not receiving job offers from clubs for a coach is frustrating and unrealistic. FIX!!! PLEASE for Fifa 20 Career.
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    - Job offer for coach not never arrive, Fix This please
    - there are no technical counterparts and new purchase options such as the recompra - youth League, under 23 youth playable parallel leagues
    -management of season tickets, tickets and merchandising
    - mood of the fans who, depending on the season, will criticize, ask for 'exonerate or deserter the stadium (with graphic feedback in Game on the stands)
    - affinity between players, new purchases will have to get used to playing together the more they do it the more the affinity with others players
    - pre-season pick-up with choice of pick-up location as in Fifa manager. spend the budget for the technical staff, doctors, coaches etc.
    - opportunity to interact with management, ask for budget increase, permission on certain purchases, attend meetings
    - if you get wins and results beyond expectations you will receive offers from major clubs, if you fail you will receive offers from smaller clubs
    - addition of the choice of sponsors and TV rights at the beginning of the season as in any self-respecting managerial
    - Stadium Editor ( but i know that is impossible)

    continue next year to improve your career, do not neglect it and follow my feedback.
    if you implement these additions and changes you will make many people who deserve it happy , because the career fans are those who support FiFA since 96/97, don't forget it

    MR Zaro And @EA_Andy or dev team I hope you will read,

    we fans hope one day to have all the features (a little less obvious obvious) of Fifa manager's career on Fifa, give us this dream please.
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    I would love to finally see transfer dealings be the most authentic they could be, by being able to include multiple players in swap offers/players plus cash offers and be able to ask for a player in return from a club trying to sign one of your players. Backroom staff/medical/stadium/youth team upgrades and to be able to control more of the finances such as increasing ticket prices etc. Team chemistry as in FUT players shouldn't join and always be as good as their rating suggests until they settle into their new surroundings. Be able to include more into player contracts such as triggering an additional year if satisfied with their performance. Include option/obligation to buy when loaning players out/in. And agree with inclusions in the above posts.

    Hope to see some of these to truly make career mode outstanding and true to life again.
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    I'm pleased with these updates, didnt go as far as i want but its a start in the right direction
  • TeamExtreme17
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    I will never leave the house nor buy PES ever again.. Thank you!! <3
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    Would like to know if its at all possible to view the game rather then playing in it. Basically watching the action on the pitch. Cheers
  • One thing that I feel needs to be addressed is the Emergency Financial Loan that gives teams in the 4th tier of England a higher transfer budget than that of teams in the Premier League. It doesn't just happen in England it happens all across the game. It seems to happen when you are making the change from a team who's domestic league ends in December, like the MLS, to a team in Europe who's league ends in April or May. It takes away from the realism of the campaign and I usually end up starting a new one to prohibit that from affecting the game. Is that something that is already fixed or is there a plan on that being fixed?
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    Player Career
    1. Manager rating
      It is feature in The Journey.
      Player's manager rating increases by performing well in matches and training.
      Player can be in the Starting XI, Sub and Reserve by manager rating.
    2. Talk with manager
    3. Manager's order
      I can't know my team tactics in Player Career.
      Therefore, Manager should inform tactics to player.
    4. Contract
      Contract term, negociation, free agent... These are not in Player Career.
    5. Growth
      The Journey and Pro club has new growth system. But Player Career mode still has old growth system.
    6. Transfer history
      It's already in Manager Career. Why is it not in Player Career?
    7. Simulation
      When I quit match by selecting 'request sub' or 'sim rest of match' menus, result is simulated.
      This time, Scorer and assist are not recorded.
      Nothing was recorded in squard report, team stats, player stats.
      Did the ghost score?
    8. Transfer
      To receive transfer offer, I must request transfer until manager grant my request.
      This is very disrespectful action in real life.
    9. Squad hub
      Squad report and squad ranking are renovated to Squad hub in Manager Career only
      I hope Squad hub is added to Player Career.

    Manager and Player Career
    1. Data
      Player data: Club statistics, National team statistics, Club history, Honours
      Team data: Season results, Honours, Current squad
      Competition data: Winners, Top scorers, Asssits...
      Other leagues: Top scorer, assists, cleans sheet, booking and Tournament tree(Cup match)
    2. Retirement
      Article about retiring player, Retirement ceremony, Testimonial match...
      And Player must not retire during World Cup.
    3. National team
      Add fake team only in Career mode.
      Then player can be called to national team without license problem.
    4. Ranking system
      -National Team Raking
      It's influence to groupe drawing of world cup, WC qualifying.
      -Europe League Ranking
      It's influence to the number of qualified team in european cup.
    5. Host system
      National team touranaments are also needed Host system like Pre-season Tournament.
    6. Table sorting and Goal difference
      Sorting has removed sicnce FIFA 15.
      And Goal difference should be return.
    7. Substitution
      Devs always keep to 7 bench players only in FIFA.
      But Bench player is not always 7.
      12 bench players are available in these matches.
      National Team Match
      Serie A
      Serie B
      TIM Cup(Coppa Itaila)
      The KNVB Cup
      The Johan Cruijff Schaal

      And 6 players can be substituted in international friendly. It also must be reflected.
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  • Showa
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    It would be good to see some advancement in the transfer system:

    - Allow managers the option of loan with option/obligation to buy
    - Allow managers to request multiple player swap/ plus cash offers in transfers as well as requesting a player from the team that wishes to purchase from your team.
    - Allow the patches and updates that come to the game after career save file has been made.
  • Looks good, but would like to have the opportunity to choose all national teams. Then you can make fake players for countries like Nepal or Bangladesh, but you still have the option to play with that country.
  • We need a fix on the regens/ pregens:
    every player comes in to the came with a tucked T-shirt, this should be randomized. i know there is a possibility for editing, but when you play several seasons ahead, every player will unrealisticaly have tucked t-shirts. this causes the career mode to be boring in the long run!
  • VagisilFC
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    I wonder if EA are aware of how much money they are losing by not having a Creation Centre to Create Custom clubs and Leagues?

    The number of gamers that run a modded version of FIFA every year to be able to do this is massive. A community that has been around for at least15 years that I am aware of and numbers in the tens of thousands, run modded versions of the game for reasons from fixing minor detail as around kits and stadiums, to improved game mode features and tweaks; but most predominately to play with clubs and leagues that are not included or are not complete.

    The thing is once these modded versions of the game are installed, If a gamer then goes and plays and online version of the game like FUT, they have to reinstall the modded version again as updates screw around with the game files. Because of this, the modding community very rarely play FUT..... and if they aren't playing FUT, they are not gambling on packs with FIFA POINTS.

    EA may not like gamers creatively expanding the FIFA world beyond the commercial agreements that they have, but it is costing them a whole lot more in reduced participation in their cash cow that is gamers gambling on FUT
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    I'm really disappointed with EA again not a single Turkish stadium and no Turkish 2nd league.
  • Notice FIFA player models are too skinny.I hope EA devs added those body scans to FIFA 20,this will be am improving to gameplay and career mode tooo and I would be happy if they do so.
  • YZRZ44 wrote: »
    I'm really disappointed with EA again not a single Turkish stadium and no Turkish 2nd league.

    Why should they add the Turkish 2nd league, almost nobody wants that.
  • Eu quero saber é de estádios! licenças! dane-se o modo Volta!
  • E aí EA? não vai divulgar nada sobre novos estádios para o FIFA 20? vão perder para o lixo do PES 2020? querems notícias sobre novos estádios! é inadmissível ter perdido a Juventus para a Konami! deixaram o Barcelona renovar com a Konami, continuando sem o Camp Nou, e, de quebra, perderam a Allianz Arena e o Juventus Stadium! Pelo menos, para atenuar, poderiam permitir editar o nome dos times! por que a Konami pode e a EA não??? sou fifeiro, mas estou muito decepcionado!
  • Altair14
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    New Football Net 3D model
  • VagisilFC
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    OK so here is a gameplay feature that would be good for career mode. Other modes would see this as annoying and a waste of time, but in CM it is all about replicating the real world experience...... well it is meant to be. Shame about the arcade gameplay..........

    Warming up bench players.

    I have seen it in baseball games where the manager asks relief pitchers to warmup in the bullpen. The premise being that they will perform best once warmed up rather than just running on at a moments notice.

    Same for football players. A sub that has warmed up will be up to match pace straight away, where as a sub that was still in his tracksuit and is thrown on to replace an injured starter would take a while to get into the game.

    A minor thing but it would add much to the gameday experience.

    Also stretchers and medi cabs for serious injuries.
  • Not enough changed on the youth academy front for me. Still no option to scout Wales for youth products is actually baffling. And no real improvement in terms of the youth academy. (Fixing the ethnicities doesn't count because that was a bug you just refused to fix last year).

    The name pools are still far too small and generic, and sending multiple scouts to the same country (if looking for different types of player like defensive minded and wingers).

    An increase in the number of youth players you can have in the academy at any given time.

    Be able to sort youth players by nationality and age.

    Not enough countries to sed scouts too. I'd suggest these additions;

    Northern Europe:


    Eastern Europe:


    Southern Europe:

    Bosnia & Herzegovina




    Cape Verde
    Democratic Republic of Congo
    Tunisia (You might already be able to idk)

    North America:

    Costa Rica
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    I think you should randomize the process, when you get a player in the academy or a regen, they always have tucked shirts, this should be randomized.
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  • Dear @EA_Andy . I thank you and your team for the hard work that you do on career mode... However. You do not put ANY work on the Player Career mode, the only thing i ask you to do... and this shouldn't be difficult because if you are able to do this with Alex Hunter in the Journey then you should be able to do it for player career mode. Please, can you just let my player be a substitute for my team and come onto the pitch in the second half. THIS ISN'T HARD TO DO.

    Kind Regards Joe
  • I have tips for the carriere.modus
    -stadium extra seats build option
    -Choose more clubs also second division.
    Not only from the first division
    Better youth player acadamy sometines s takes to lang building on skills for a player
    And a vacature option for country teams

  • @EA_Andy
    Absolutely love that there's some proper development on the manager career mode side! I have been buying FIFA for about a decade - but over the last few years, I've been increasingly drained by the lack of development, so to see this is fantastic! In fact, rather than buying it second hand through GameStop (as I've done over the last two/three years), I pre-ordered this time.

    However... Player Career Mode... what is going on?
    There are some really rather straightforward ways to drastically improve the player career mode.

    Some feature suggestions:
    1) Dynamic "journalists" and interviews where you can choose personality (as in the Journey, or this years Manager Career Mode (MCM))
    2) Coming off the bench (an existing feature from the Journey)
    3) Tattoos (an existing feature from the Journey)
    4) Contract negotiations (as in MCM)
    5) Comment to coach (as players do to you when you play as the manager in MCM)
    6) Be able to start off as though you came through the academy (literally all that would make that possible is a different opening text blurb)
    7) Be able to start career younger than 20 yo (literally just make the year adjustable, as dates are)

    All of these changes to Player Career Mode would drastically improve the immersion with the game. Not only that, ALL of these features already exist (have existed) in the game already or are blatantly easy to implement (as with suggestion 6 & 7).
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    There is also still a bug of 74 games being played, lol.. Please look into this too! @EA_Andy @EA_Rtas @EA_Cian @EA_GZaro

  • Alemas_2012
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    When you think about it...
    EA have done a No Man's Sky with Career Mode. :D
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    EA_Andy wrote: »

    Hello everyone,

    We have just released a new pitch notes article going through the FIFA 20 Career Mode deep dive.

    You can read the full article here.

    Let us know any thoughts you have about this in this thread.

    Hope you enjoy! :)

    The following are blatant lies , but you already stole our money so why should you care:
    • Improved distribution of ethnicity within a country when generating youth players.
    • Significantly increased the initial amounts for wage budget allocation. (previous play boost was not available to EA Early Access)
    • Improved the algorithm used by AI teams to determine their starting XI. Moving forward you should see far fewer instances in which the opponent isn’t using their prime starting XI in important matches.
    • Fixed multiple fixture congestion issues.

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