What Red Picks did you get???


  • o0OainavO0o
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    D0lvl wrote: »
    Ederson was the best from G3, gonna replace Alisson on try 😀

    Ederson is much better. Ederson is better than 93 DDG from personal experience...
    Lol, nif ederson was better than tots Allison for me.
  • SuperSonicSean
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    G3 Laporte and Thiago. Second time I've pulled both of them red. I've pretty much done all the SBCs I plan on doing, and my final squads are set, so I guess they'll just sit in my club for the time being.
  • Neil_14
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    Sirigu and Oblak were highest rated picks for me, 2 GKs both of zero use for my squads, sigh. Why not just give us an option for forward/midfield/defensive picks so we have a better chance of packing what we need/want. Games over now anyway I'm sure the community wouldn't mind.
    13214 posts Has That Special Something
    Already got a plethora of leftbacks. Red ToTS Telles, FB Sandro, Futties Mendy, UEL Alonso and now Red ToTS Mendy.

    Also got 4* WF Futties Lozano and EoE Robben as back-up. So although Salah is an upgrade rating wise, he is not really what my team needed. I'll take it though, had worse picks.

  • AJHaeford1989
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    G2 Laporte and Stones, nothing in the packs with Sokratis being the best one.
  • IncredibleK
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    2 87 EFL players from G3. Had B Silva and had to knock back as already have it
  • DFC1983
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    Diagne 93 and Benitez 93 this morning.

    Although here's the thing EA, when I went to pick my first player pick (which ended up being Diagne) he was already picked and I couldn't then pick or even see who the other 2 were, so my player pick was not a player pick but a player take-it-or-leave-it.

    The Companion App has only been available for short of 50 weeks. Bravo.
  • Safehands84
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    Gold 3, Salah and Veratti, first time I've got anything decent all year.
  • Aitvaras
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    Gold 3.
    First pick, highest rated (by far) was Schulz.
    Second pick, highest rated player - Schulz (not by far, but already have red Enrique Iglesias as well).
    Discarded them both, as I already have red Schulz.
    It's actually kinda funny. Game is too much of a stinking corpse to be angry about it.
  • 3MenandaBebe
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    Pique, oblak and Izzo.

    Why do we bother
  • AlbinoXI
    1752 posts Play-Off Hero
    Sommer and Angelino from gold 3 🤣
  • JWNYsg
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    tough last week with all the loan god like players

    finished Silver 1. Had a choice of Fabian and Izzo. Already have Fabian red, so took Izzo

    it's funny, i drew all of Izzo cards this year, IF, SIF and now TOTS

    oh, there was a Collins (ST OVR 86) in my pick as well
  • Somchaij
    35 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Got mbappe from silver one. Guess ea got generous
  • RedDevilNL
    365 posts Sunday League Hero
    G3 - Tadic and Bruno.

    Might have a use for Bruno off the bench.
  • High420
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    Stopped at G3 last week
    Zlatan and Tavumba.
    Happy with that, was missing FB Zlatan
  • Nervous_Nick
    7194 posts League Winner
    Last week i got Ilicic, and he was also among the picks in the second pack.
    This week best card in the first pack was Ilicic...and in the second pack...ilicic.
  • o0OainavO0o
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    G2 Oscar and Kampl, had the option of sommer and savanier but I already have them untradeable in red 🤦‍♂️
  • alvchong
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    izzo and sommer G3.
  • Devers
    7769 posts League Winner

    Salah and allan, best yet, although i already had red salah from weeks back.

    Got allan with 2 low rated rotw in first pick.

    But in second pick i had, allan again, with salah who i already had and emre can who i already had.

    So second pick was 3 dups 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • Daddy
    5748 posts Big Money Move
    Thiago Mendes and Emre can(3rd time)
  • D0lvl
    4828 posts Big Money Move
    Thauvin and some 91 arg league st


    Second straight week I got Thauvin.

    All went straight to yashin sbc. Lol
  • Invincibility
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    G2 Lacazette and Visca
  • greif44
    6117 posts Big Money Move
    Thauvin and Lala
  • sido1968
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    Went 7-5 and binge watched Peaky Blinders for the rest of of the weekend. Got a remarkably pale 86 rated Ivorian striker from Luton Town.
  • starfox1284
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    Blind and Frenkie De Jong...can't complain.
  • Heshyooo
    561 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Nothing as I have officially given up on WL. The rewards aren't worth the grind. 1 month into not playing WL anymore and life couldn't be better.

    I'm sure there's others out there that are still enjoying it. I wish I could but the game is so bad and the rewards are even worse.
  • Dazzler179
    1235 posts Professional
    Only played to S1 last weekend

    Stones, Halstenberg or Mancini.

    Took Stones.
  • SupremiumHD
    38 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Finished G1, got Salah and Wan-Bissaka. Salah is my first decent pull this year, too bad the game is almost over as the last WL starts this weekend.
  • spy
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    Gold 3, Sule and Bruno Fernandes. Had Trapp as a choice in the first pack but as there will be no SBCs to do thought I would take Sule as more chance of me using him. Second pick I had Di Maria as an option but already have the card so went for Fernnandes. Was hoping I might get Salah as he seems to be so common. Anyway might play a few games this weekend to try some of the loan players but that will be it for me on 19 now.
  • Libguy
    5380 posts Big Money Move
    PIque and Ilicic

    I'll probably give Pique a run in DR. I might try out Ilicic at CAM. He's got a weird card. He's 6'3 but not that strong, can't head, can't tackle but decent marking - weird card.
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