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Re: FUT Slow and Steady Weekly Objective

Scored in 4 separate games with Gundogan, meeting the objective requirements, but only one goal has registered!!! What’s going on EA?


  • Basket
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    Gundogan isnt a correct player btw.

    'PAC: Max. 70 | PHY: Min. 75'

    Gundogan has 68 pace and only 70 phy.

    I used godin

    The easy way to do this is start a squad battle on beginner .. score a goal with godin (or other player that fits req) and put down controller and go make a sandwich.
    The AI wont steal the ball at beginner level so no worries.
  • SanderFC
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    Bought RB Wondolowski for it and simply sub him in, 66k open bid and discard price 65600. 400 coins to complete also the FUT swap objective and get points for SB
  • 3MenandaBebe
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    Used gold Troy Deeney
  • NIF Harry Kane (90) also works.
  • It's pretty simple, I done it with Bradley, getting the USA part done too
  • Dave2829
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    I used Hassan from Egypt he only cost 400 coins
  • serrer7
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    I used a silver american st ;)
    In a team with 2 liverpool and 2 arsenal players,+ 1 tots, 1 toty and 1 pim ;)
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