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Hello, I was invited to the Fifa 20 beta to test out pro clubs. So I created my player and made in 5 ft 8 and his weight is about 99-115 I can’t remember. After I created my player I used most of my skill points on pace but somehow his sprint speed is 86 and acceleration is 85, I know you guys tried to fix your players ability depending on your weight and height but in my opinion I think you should try like improve it. In Fifa 19 my player was 5 foot 8 and 224 in weight yet his sprint speed was 91 pace and 92 acceleration.


  • RobRokk
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    My lvl 91 striker is 6,3 tall and 128 weight, plus full skill treed in pace, yet has only like 86 in speed. He can never outrun another guy , human or bot.
  • I have found a way to fix the pace. If your player is a striker change him to a RF or LF and play him at strike now my player is 89 sprint speed
  • fifagamer1237546
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    its because you have to play the game and progress to gain attributes cant just automatically become a 99 overall in stats ...i personally enjoy building up my character over a few months time ..
  • fifagamer1237546
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    nvm lol i misread the post lol
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