Fifa 20

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Every year the demo feels great but it is usually on normal game play setting for speed !! When u okay any online game the setting is saved as fast noticed this last few seasons and u can’t change this setting in the demo. Which is annoying coz gameplay fifa 19 way to fast so fifa 20 demo gameplay great more realistic il buy it oh wait gameplay to fast and this is why the settings are changed to fast on online matches


  • RadioShaq
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    Chemistry and everyone picking 99 pace players. It’s why it usually feels slower for the first month when people are still trading.
  • RobRokk
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    Manually setting game speed is only for offline play, right?
  • Won't buy this year, been disappointed due the last 3 years. Being back online and offline tournaments. Add to the companion app or build a career mode part where can trade, negotiate contracts, change lineups etc. Pro clubs should d be added to companion app as well. I applauded what they tried to do with UT making it more affordable to compete but gameplay has to be consistent and player attributes contribute to the team and chemistry needs to go away. For example if I get a Neymar, I shouldn't have to be five to build a team around him or have to sell.
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