Best league to use at the start of the game?

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The last few FIFA’s I have always started building a premier league team but there is definitely a big premium on the cost of premier league players and some positions e.g. full back where there is a real lack of good players.

What league do people think is better to start with where you could build a decent team more quickly and cheaply?


  • grabberpresident
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    Will have to wait and see, but PL is lowest value for coins.
  • EA_Joz
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    I've been thinking about this as well. I always start with LaLiga because it's cheaper to build but then create a second squad with premier players once I can afford them.
  • Sm0key_J0e
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    If you use the cheat code “TORINO VESPA” when it comes out, you will obtain a Piemonte Calcio player of your choice (can only be used as a goalie though).
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