How is tots lewandowski?

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I’ve been running a mostly bundesliga squad so he fits in easily. How is he? He’d be next to tots Jovic and in front of FB Mueller


  • AdrianV
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    Used him for 6 games and he's an absolute animal! Scores goals for fun. Fast and smooth on the ball.
  • Empyrium7
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    A beast. Make sure to stick an Engine on him
  • Wooly1203
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    Sounds good guys! I’ll give him a go after work tonight and see how it goes! Thanks
  • leon1309
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    He was great for the first two games and Just off after that. Did not Play to his stats and kept missing chances he really should have scored. Something was Just off with him as if chem style change messed him up (hawk, then engine...).
    Liked Jović a lot more, Werner aswell.

    Have almost full Bayern squad, so i really wanted to like him, but sadly Just did not work (tried as Lone striker and 2 upfront).
  • P1tch_1nvaderz88
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    Empyrium7 wrote: »
    A beast. Make sure to stick an Engine on him

  • Nogin182
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    Perfect partner for havertz
  • Elvisreus
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    Excellent card.
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