Richarlison appreciation thread

772 posts Semi-Pro
This guy is insane, 34 goals in 13 matches, all in div 1 and WL, and I am just an average player (2000 skill points, G2)


  • Antiseen
    1329 posts Professional
    Played against him few times, nothing special.

    Ben Yedder tho, real pain in the ****
  • SinkXI
    783 posts Semi-Pro
    He’s been absolutely phenomenal for me. I done the Henry sbc yesterday and richarlison is streets ahead of him. Play them both together and I just can’t get the same out of henry
  • Primofusion
    382 posts Sunday League Hero
    Games played 51, goals 64. All in Rivals Div 3-4 and WL. Amazing player! I have Hawk chemistry on him.
  • Clanceypants
    455 posts Sunday League Hero
    I’m really enjoying him
  • barryw
    983 posts Professional
    He is insane as ST for me but when playing him as wide CAM or winger, he is unnoticeable. 🤷‍♂️ Using marksman on him.
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