102 posts Sunday League Hero
gotta get you guys opinion


  • limjitwe
    6858 posts Big Money Move
    Yes he pretty good on a budget and he’s french which is also very easy to link.
  • Jpo41
    977 posts Semi-Pro
    He is top 5 PL CB for me
    1. Any VVD
    2. FB Luiz
    3. RTTF Sanchez
    4. TOTS Laporte
    5. TOTS Stones
  • apoelfc
    109 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    For the price he is now he is very good.. Not near TOTS VVD or Militao but pretty good..!
  • SuperSonicSean
    6048 posts Big Money Move
    Just about every TOTS card is worth it at these prices.
  • Mogga
    283 posts Sunday League Hero
    I packed him, played him 1 game and sold him.

    I thought he was useless.

    I use FB Luiz, tots alderweireld, FS de lift, Blanc. Not all at the same time like
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