PIM Cruyff worth getting at this stage of the game??

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Seems to be the only way I could work a good team with TOTS Zlatan and TOTS Son.


  • TheFirstKlutz
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    Yes he is still amazing for me. Used 91 for months and last month I completed the sbc and do not regret it one bit.
  • Pnub
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    Yes he is great the only real downside is that stamina is low so i keep him at striker with stay forward, its either that or you'll need to sub him off.
    I don't use skills but his dribbling is great and 5* WF allows you to shoot from anywhere although he does like to hit the post, but i think a lot of that can be blamed on surprise mechanics where all your players believe hitting the post is how you score.
  • oldboiler
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    On the bench for both my first and second team, prefer box to box midfielders and he just lacks something up top for me
  • Keepthechange
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    I didn't really like him, seems to be easily pushed off the ball and his stamina can be an issue.
  • Huxx
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    yes, I've binned half my icons into SBCs but not him
  • aberry1000
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    Just got the prime from icon SBC
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