Alaba users ?

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Hi all I’m currently away so have not played with alaba yet - he has replaced petit pim so my cdms are now vieira prime and alaba futties..... my question is am I good to go at putting petit into a icon for the pack? Is alaba an upgrade on pim petit .... thanks


  • BeardGang
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  • lippyone
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    Petit still too good for an icon pack, but I guess if you will not use him any more it ok.
    I would feel sad doing that to mine.
  • EekAlaska
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    Loving Alaba
  • Kaptentegel
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    Alaba is really really good but I would never throw away Petit like that for a pack full of trash.
  • Keepthechange
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    I'm really glad I've done him because I got TOTS Hazard in one of the packs :D, but on a real note, I bring him on in the second half and he's so rapid and feels really good on the ball, the only issue is the 3* skill moves but I don't use skills that much in the middle of the pitch so it should be fine.
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