EA sort out minimum tots prices on ps4



  • AbuNegus
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    Lala has also been decreased
  • GGP
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    Jonx88 wrote: »
    GGP wrote: »
    I don't understand, are these cards discard value much lower than the min bin?

    Yes, they discard for 10k coins thereabouts. The minimum BIN for some of the TOTS is way too high and they are not selling on the market. EA need to lower the BIN to their discard value and let the market decide.

    I am looking to buy Izzo but his bin of 45k is too high. I think his fair value should be around 30 to 35k if his BIN is lowered.

    You're example of Izzo is not really relevant 10k is nothing at this stage of the game, players like RVP and Pepe are the issue where min sale price is 100k+ but can only discard for 10k

    How is this not relevant? The fact is that Izzo TOTS is not selling because his minimum BIN is still too high. This is no different from RVP or Pepe.

    Like i said, EA should just drop the minimum BIN to discard and let the market decide their price.
  • leon1309
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    Or Zapata, pr Quag, or De Paul, or Brandt....

    ...come on EA, fix this!
  • leon1309
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    Any news on min caps?
  • Killer_Snake2017
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    leon1309 wrote: »
    Any news on min caps?

    Nah that's all folks
  • leon1309
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    edited August 3
    I wish they would atleast raise the discard value then... :)
  • WarrenBarton
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    I sold quag for 106k yesterday, guess I was super lucky 🍀
  • Rickardg
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    They fixed Pepe on ps4 now atleast, going for 95k
  • OZero
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    I guess they will re-issue the SBC with different requirement, say 83 rated + 2 TOTS
  • bezo85
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    I’ve sold a few fairly easily by putting 99 contracts and a decent chem style on them. If there is loads for the same price, make yours stand out...
  • Devers
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    Ya i sold loads. Even 2 quags.

    Put 99 contracts and a chem style.

    And if a rwb or lwb change them to rb or lb. makes them stand out and everything had usually sold for me in one cycle.

    Packed a lot after doing mm, weekend league rewards, rivals rewards, doing r96 sbc, and the championship sbc, just got rwb from French league and quags and both before the listings even finished.
  • leon1309
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    Comme on EA sort out the Ps4 min prices...atleast match them with Xbox!!
  • leon1309
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    Still nothing...Thanks EA...

  • CustardHippo
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    Struggling to sell 2x TOTS Piatek and HL Rashford on PS4, 42k and 77k mins. Xbox they are both selling as the min bins are lowers, loathed to quick sell these and would much rather sell at 30k.

    Its great having all these cards around now but I am starting to stack up a lot of them and would rather get some coins in towards cards I do want.
  • leon1309
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    Thing is i would like to sell a few and also try out a few....so i am hoping da would atleast Match xboxs min bins.
  • Lightning
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    Just a tip to increase your chances of selling your players: Put 99 contracts on them and a hunter/shadow (depending on position).
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