Packs or coins for rewards

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Usually I always take coins cos I get just over 100k with gold 2 WL and rank 1 rivals.

However with the high pack weight now is it better to take untradable or tradable packs this time.


  • abhreebhu_45
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    I never go for coins,,,get packs, if not good, dump them in totw sbc for icons,,, untradeables >> tradeables unless u have a lot of former(for fear of drawing duplicate cards)
  • Kaptentegel
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    Do you need coins to buy someone then do it or else gamble with packs.

    Today I went for coins and just bought tots Witsel for 88k for an example.
  • S-Dog
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    Theres no way I'd play all them games for 100k, it's all about the excitement of the packs for me
  • kingDrogbaaaa
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    I went for packs, got TOTS Gomez and di Maria plus lots of other specials. Pack weight seems great at the moment
  • GT500
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    Got Tots Benzema from a 50k pack
  • Kiido
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    S-Dog wrote: »
    Theres no way I'd play all them games for 100k, it's all about the excitement of the packs for me

    This. I always picked untradables because opening packs is what makes FUT fun (for me atleast). And that might not be the smartest/safest thing to do but I do not regret it eventhough I barely packed stand out players
  • shepj6
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    Definitely untradable packs for me at this stage of the game. If I did happen to pack a Ronaldo or Mbappe TOTS (or any other card worth anything) then would probably want to use them for 6/7 weeks now rather than sell anyway.
  • Moopycamel
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    Took packs from div 9 (new to game) got tots lala and tots can from two untradeable mega packs
  • Liamalone
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    Got about 5 TotS players from 6 mega/rare mega packs
  • maccag
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    I got special cards in every pack from div 3 rank 1 rewards and I've never had such good rewards.. I ended up with 7 90+ TOTS cards, definitely worth the packs now if not for sbc fodder.
  • Jonboyparker
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    They are free. Untradables everytime. Recycle the trash in sbcs and you soon make the equivalent of the coins you didn’t take
  • BK1892
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    D3, R1. Got Hermosa in another pack.

  • R3NIK
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    Div 4 rank 1 got only 1 tots la Porte
  • Keepthechange
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    Went for the packs and made around 150K
  • Safehands84
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    If you got your eye on someone and are short take coins, otherwise take the packs. I take packs every single week, Its the most fun in the game, sure I get nothing but it very rare I have to buy much in coins to complete sbcs
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