Countless updates with no gameplay benefits !!!!

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So another announcement when I load up the game tonight, yet another change to fix unresponsive gameplay. As far as I can see it's even worse.

For God's sake EA !!!!!

I play manual controls which plays more like random controls half the time, totally unpredictable!

Is anything ever play tested anymore???


  • Cooler08
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    The player responsiveness does seem worser. So many times you pass to a player and the ball goes in a different direction to where you aimed the stick even though your player has ample time to adjust their direction.

    The in-game decisions make no sense either. Yesterday, in Career Mode I was on a winning streak of 4 matches in League 1. I was playing against Colchester and winning 1-0, about 60 mins into the match the referee gives them a penalty even though my player didn't make a tackle. Seeing the replay, the opponents player just ran into my player and fell over his leg.
  • Neil_LUAFC
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    Yeah, it's all over the place. Sick and tired of passing the ball into the stride of an advancing only for the game to decide to make him run past it and for the next guy in line to receive it. 75% of the time the ball never makes it to the player I wasn't passing to in the first place.

    I also seem to be scoring more goals from corners and crosses where the game changes player at the very last moment. Lots of AI bullet headers i'm embarrassed to claimI had any part in!!!

    I'm sure 10 year olds lap this nonsense up but it's sucking the life out of me. 2 or 3 games and I have to turn it off.

    Deffo trying out PES 20 first in the next round
  • Fifinho
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    I agree with the passes. Many times my players pass in a totally different direction I have given them.

    Random penalties?

    Do we want to talk about aggressive gameplay with insane pressing throughout the entire match without losing stamina?

    The "momentum" idea is terrible in my opinion. In certain moments you grab whatever ball, you pass always correct, your players are incredible and other moments they can't do a simple 2 meters pass no matter what you do.

    The perspective you have from the keeper is completely weird. Opponents look so far when you do a goal kick and then it changes camera and suddenly they are in front of yours. The keeper does so many strange things with the feet.

    And I can continue...

    I was honestly positive until 2-3 months ago and believed I need a better squad and to learn but the game changed so many times during the season and , in my opinion, have so many "bugs" that I got frustrated and dont play so much anymore.

  • Gunin
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    They will never fix online game play. EA sucks . They don't care about you they only care about your wallet. Give them your money and don't complain on the boards. That's their moto. Worst gaming company ever!
  • DCH
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    Gameplays am complete disgrace seems it should be non contact game every time your near an opponent it’s a foul 🤮🤮
  • Ronaldinho999
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    Nothing will change in the next years, football being the sports king of the world ppl will just end up buying the game and the kids will keep wasting real money on packs, the rest is dust
  • Pads89
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    This latest patch definitely made thing worse for me. It's not just fifa though, the battlefield forums are full off the same complaints about patches ruining the game.

    I'm now in the camp that frostbite is the problem, google frostbite engine problems and have a read.

  • Rossi1000
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    Yeah gameplay has made another huge nose dive
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