Pausing at the start

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Am sure this has been discussed to death, but it drives me mad. I understand why players do it, but I feel it completely goes against the spirit of the game. Besides that I find it selfish that I have to wait around whilst the other player sorts his team out which should have been done from the start. I then hate myself for acting like a child about it and pausing the game at every opportunity, wasting time, watching every replay just to prove a point that if they are going to waste my time selfishly then I will waste theirs. Anyone bugged by this?


  • King_Cantona77
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    Yep. Can't stand it. Should be stopped.
  • gorillabear
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    Yeah, I'm assuming they don't realize they can do the custom tactics. Had someone do this last night, they had two silver players in there for chem amidst a team full of 90+ and icons. Should have been easy to get the chem right in the first place especially given the icons but whatever
  • Fifapayne
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    It’s only 30 seconds...

    Last year it was every single game..i might encounter this phenomenon once every 50 games
  • sparky123
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    When you see the opposition team come up, you know they’ll pause the game to swap around or sub players in. Really annoying at this stage of the game....
  • Maximus AK47
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    that shows how many stupid people play this game....

    forgive me for being rude... but I cant find the other words as dumb/ silly/ stupid/ brainless for those who do those pauses on 1 min to make subs or position change....

    If a person cant make a team of 100% chem > he / she has no brain but jelly... )))

    and yes , EA must forbid pausing game before 20-30 mins of the game at least.
  • Recoba
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    This avoids the tactics glitch
  • Rickardg
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    You gotta understand that everyone didnt start last fall, i for one started in may 2019, i usually dont have a player for chem but like now i got nif Ibra cause ive been waiting on that Flashback. So i pause for 5 sec to switch him until i get the fb. All tactics are on numpad tho 👍
  • RascalinHere7
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    Nope don’t bug me, you being a just a baby. The fact that you do it back just proves childish behavior.
  • Maximus AK47
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    Recoba wrote: »
    This avoids the tactics glitch

    which one specifically?...
  • lippyone
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    Does not bother me as they are just wasting a pause, and also probably wasting a substitution.
    These can be quite important in weekend league if game goes to extra time. Rivals it not such a handicap, but do not let it annoy me,
  • 3MenandaBebe
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    Each player has 14 players and 3 pauses. Wasting at the start only handicaps yourself.

  • Vaporduff777
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    3 pauses a game each so if someone uses it just be patient instead of letting every little thing get to you, might even win more if you move on from what you can’t control.
  • eltonholm
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    Either change chem or change how the CT works. That way people wouldn’t use CT and direct subs that much. I mean, if you want to play for example 3-4-3 and have Alonso, Blanc, Lala. Those wing backs can’t get more than 7 on CB. Let the CT move them more out the flanks so they turn into LB/RB.

    I think in the early days of fifa the game was like that? The more you pushed a player up/down/in/out he changed into different positions? People playing 4-3-3 maybe want an LM/RM instead of 3 CM?
  • hiya
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    anyone defending it does it. its boring.

    i read someone say earlier in the year that they needed to do it because they wanted 6 formation variations. LOL

    most of us put fifa on to play some quick games of arcady football. not sit and watch / wait for you with your football manager crap.
  • CharlieC
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    I don't mind it this year as it happens infrequently. Last year it was every bloody game,
  • hiya
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    seems to have increased as game has gone on though (which is strange).
  • mathewsjino
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    Nope don’t bug me, you being a just a baby. The fact that you do it back just proves childish behavior.

  • abhreebhu_45
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    I only pause for an important phone call/doorbell or when i need to bring my subs/change defensive formation
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