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Which of these would be a more solid defensive RB?

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I am looking for a more defensive RB. I currently use OTW Cancelo. Cancelo is a really good RB but I need a little more defensive presence as he tend to get pushed around sometimes. I don't utilize my RB in attack much so their attacking strengths are not too important.

I am currently looking at these RB's.
TOTS DaCosta
TOTS Kimmich
UCL Alonso

Which do you think is best. If none of them, who would you recommend?


  • Daddy
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    i have red Trent at RB, he is pretty solid for me

    Dacosta is the one that causes the most problems for me when i come against him, Kimmich would get bullied and alonso being left footed would leave to be desired when it comes to putting through balls down the wing
  • maksi
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  • keronc
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    I tried Alonso and Dacosta. Just like stated above, Alonso was very good defensively but his passing was messing up my attacks down the wing. His 3* weak foot just couldn't play the ball accurately down the right side.

    Dacosta was like a tank. He was very dominant in the air and great in the tackles. His passing was ok and much more consistent than Alonso down the right wing. When he did get down the wing, Dacosta has a great cross.

    Dacosta is the best RB I have used so far. I would love to try the Cancelo and Trent to see how they compare.

  • EA_Joz
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    Definitely DaCosta!
  • R1ckyDaMan19
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    Champ league Aurier is pretty good defensively, and really cheap now too.
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