Lost Juventus

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Haha EA doing a good job to ruin there they have lost Juventus every thing stadium, kits, exclusivities hahaha what a shambles EA are at the minute whatever news us as consumers should be getting is all bad new. PES 2020 are doing what your supposed to do to promote your game. Excite consumer EA has just made my mind up with this news if all you want is FUT then just have it, it’s turned all corporate now unless EA release some news soon people should not buy the game this is not news to incourage buying its news which is worrying. Iam really annoyed at this lack of news from EA don’t understand it no Juventus is poor game management whoever’s in charge doesn’t have a clue how to produce this game awful. And as for using Volta as a skill trainer what are we babies as I’ve said before I couldn’t give a sxxt about skill games. Volta death of FIFA.


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