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How do you counter constant pressure?

57 posts Park Captain
This my biggest problem in this game. I am currently in Div 4 rivals but was recently just a few points away from Div 3. I had thought about trying to complete the Coman sbc as i have already completed all the others. Even though i don't need or want coman. The problem i am now having with the majority of my matches is everyone i come up against seems to be using constant pressure from kick off to full time. I like to play quite a slow and steady passing game and try and get the ball up to my forwards to score but when i play these types of players, my players seem to turn into players who don't know what they are doing and all manner of passes i make don't reach my players ad get intercepted with ease. The only way it seems that i can counter this is by just spamming the pass button constantly, even before i even know what i am doing and hope for the best.


  • Noob_FC
    3149 posts National Call-Up
    I have got used to it now.. What I am more angry/frustrated are the kick offs and nutmegs!!!
  • rikstar
    57 posts Park Captain
    Those as well as chain croquetas and step overs that turn the opponents players invisible and you can't touch them.
  • Keepthechange
    1664 posts Play-Off Hero
    Try a formation with wide players then use hug the sideline tactic and play long balls to your wingers and build up from there.

    Try to avoid short passes in or around your box as much as possible as the AI seems to easily intercept them.

  • abhreebhu_45
    980 posts Professional
    Constant pressure guys are easy to beat,, u just gotta bring them out of position n have pacey strikers,,,most of them quit after 2 goals down
  • Greezyweezy101
    1506 posts Play-Off Hero
    Play possession in midfield, be patient after 7 or 8 passes they have run their whole team out of position
  • DanValletta
    1555 posts Play-Off Hero
    Wait for 5 of there players to converge on your 18 yard box and chip a ball into your midfielder or striker. Tons of space.
  • CharlieC
    7274 posts Big Money Move
    Patience young Padawan!
  • DunB
    862 posts Semi-Pro
    Patience. And if they constantly bump right into you; quickly shield and pass (no matter where). Your opponent bumps in but as you don't have the ball he will get a card most of the times. If you do this right, your opponent loses 2 man in the first 15 minutes...
  • SStubbs88
    218 posts Sunday League Hero
    I just played one who also abused la croqueta. I just passed it back to my keeper then when he had 4 players sprinting towards him hoofed it upfield to be 4 on 3. Was winning 3-0 after 15mins so he rage quit. I laughed.
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