What did you pack from your Div. Rival rewards v41.0



  • TheTormentor07
    1553 posts Play-Off Hero
    Nothing special, got 87 Lingard untradeable Div 4 rank 2, nice fodder for Viera, Emre 85 and a couple of 84's, it'll do.
  • maccag
    273 posts Sunday League Hero
    Nothing, I got shafted
    Highest rated was a 84 card including the free ultimate pack from last night.. absolutely laughing at these packs now that out of roughly 10 or so reward packs I dont get a walk out..
  • BeastlyHusla
    7636 posts League Winner
    Forgot about rivals, played 1 game last night for silver 4 in div 4. Nothing from packs
  • PelzyWelzy
    10626 posts Has That Special Something
    Nothing, I got shafted
    Usual tripe.
  • Super Walkout (200k+)
  • Derryboy1893
    3595 posts National Call-Up
    Think now we need an 'I got shafted by a walkout' option with all these 84 specials in packs

    Must of been a premonition why is 80 rated scream Mascherano even a walkout?
  • Dazzler179
    1255 posts Professional
    86 Pavard, thought it was Mbappe when I saw the flag 😂

    Div 3 - Rank 2 untradable.
  • JayyThunder
    5354 posts Big Money Move
    89 Di Maria

    Got excited but then saw he was 30k lol

    The crash is real
  • kcichris
    1701 posts Play-Off Hero
    Kroos and Casemiro only specialcards were low rated motms :D
  • PiotrLolo
    3779 posts National Call-Up
    edited July 2019
    Super Walkout (200k+)
    Div 3 rank 2

    Opened only 2x rare mega packs so far (untradeable) and got this:


    First Icon packed in this Fifa, 2nd ever.
  • Noob_FC
    3151 posts National Call-Up
    I took the coins instead
    Packed coins!!!
  • Seleukos
    1271 posts Professional
    Matic - yeah...
  • DasPonyboy
    867 posts Semi-Pro
    Super Walkout (200k+)
    Tradeable 93 Agueroooooo from a Rare Gold Pack
  • Kaptentegel
    1570 posts Play-Off Hero
    I took the coins instead
    Lost 200k on Mbappe LW in three days so I need coins 😂
  • Coozabhoy
    18 posts Last Pick at the Park
    92 adp 😮
  • Cheetah Thumbs
    5181 posts Big Money Move
    edited July 2019
    Champions league cavani. I was going to vote super walkout, but he's so cheap now.

    I did the Vieira Sbc and got 93 da gea. Even that isn't a super walkout now. They were both super to me.
  • Jaymizzo
    2383 posts Fans' Favourite
    edited July 2019
    Div 4 rank 1... A lot of 83s.

    1 Rare players pack left, don't think today is my day. :(

    Highest out of the ultimate pack and rare players has been MOTM Cillessen. Don't know if to laugh or cry.
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