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got 14 fut swap should i go for sane or mid icon

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what you recommend


  • Dochter
    168 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Look at the stats in the Mid Icon SBC poll and the make a decision
  • Pikandel
    1356 posts Professional
    If Sane would be an improvement, go for Sane.
    If your team is good enough or you want to do an Icon SBC, go for the Icon.
  • Bevlarrrr
    1069 posts Professional
    Gotta go for the icon gamble, worst case stick it in a SBC and get a jumbo rare player pack
  • Claret_n_blue_blood
    15556 posts World Class
    I'd gamble on the icon but only because I wanna finish on a good icon sbc, thinking dinho so basically he can go straight into it if it's rubbish
  • CustardHippo
    1276 posts Professional
    Mid Icon.

    Unless Sane is a significant improvement on your current team. But at this stage am not sure.

    Worst case you get a Jumbo Rare Players Pack and MAYBE that 0.0001% chance of TOTS Ronaldo.
  • Chavez76
    3653 posts National Call-Up
    if you have an icon that you can loose, and want to do an SBC, take the IF's
    If you dont have the icon and want to do an icon sbc, take the icon
    if you need a direct upgrade (and he is that), take Sane
    I would pick an icon I guess. (tbh, I gambled on the bundes tots and got shafted)
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