After using 88 Viera for 50 games

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I can honestly say he is nothing special and plays like a CM as a lone CDM. Prime Rijkaard is better imo


  • kurbalija
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    yeah that is why this one is PRIME and other one is the MIDDLE
  • Ftl
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    Try prime vieira, he is way better dan the middle. I had to find out for myself to believe it
  • TheDreamer
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    Agreed, hes not too good, but funny enough after I got him I got b2b elite finish (my 2nd and 3rd elite of the year). Hes terrible on the ball and offers nothing going forward, but hes always in the right spot and his long legs intercept everything, I cant imagine playing without him.
  • HyperOCD
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    Who you guys suggest as single CDM?
    Im hoping for goos red picks so i can sell my pack pulled tots vvd and buy Vieira

    Using atm FB DDR
  • Dutch3723
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    Superb defensively - woeful going forward. He has to be played in the right way - don't try intricate through balls etc.... and he should never even be high enough up the pitch to think about shooting (!), but as a purely defensive CDM I don't think there's any better. BUT your game has to be built around the fact that he should tackle / win headers / intercept and then give it simple. If you want more then yeah other players should be considered
  • Boysie91
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    I can't afford to shell out on prime after doing all these sbc lately 😁
  • Bags
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    Try him in a 2 CDM formation. Been great for me alongside Gullit. He sits back doing his thing which means Gullit can maraud forward. I had his 88 last year and sold it to do the prime. Couldnt tell the difference at CDM
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