Catalogue Items and International Management

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Having some issues and hoping I can get some help here after no luck with Ea support.

When I start a new career I’m prompted with the usual “based on your receive Edit Player, Rematch Ability” but they’re greyed out. I’m level 88 in the catalogue, I know you can only redeem things once. I don’t care about financial takeover or the fut ones.

Also, I’m dying a slow death trying to become manager of USMNT. It’s been easy before but not this year. I play with CO Rapids and chose American Manager. I win everything, meet the boards goals (except for the Financial one because it ask for an $87million profit margin because that’s basically impossible in the MLS). On one save I went through 4 seasons without getting the USA offer, despite getting the email that says they’re interested. Any help is much appreciated!


  • Verdi42
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    Whenever you get an offer for a national team, exit the save without saving and start it up again. When you get to the date of the offer again, you'll get a new offer from a different national team. Rince and repeat until you get the USA. Or, if you play on PC, use the cheat engine.
  • nsholmberg11
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    Felt like i had reached the point where i started getting decent enough offers to try that and it worked. Off to the 2020 World Cup and developing the kids! Cheers
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