what FIFA 20 should have!!!

while volta looks great, there’s still some things i’d love to see, including:

the ability to customize career mode managers, giving them the same customize options as the create players options

a draft mode in the main menus, making it open to those who don’t play FUT (because draft mode is great and all FIFA players should try it without having to grind for the FUT coins)


  • bberger
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    None. Have you bot seen how bad 19 was and how empty their promises are about "fixing" things?
  • TheArchitect
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    they need to find a balance like nba2k. casual and competitive. casual is completely gone from fifa
    113 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Would love to customise. I remember a Fifa title can’t remember if it was fifa 16 when I’d sit there and write all the Real stadium names into a custom part of the game. I should’ve gone out pulled Birds but I done this and what did EA do take it away please bring some joviality back to fifa it’s so money making now if it isn’t up to scratch I think EA are gonna lose customers.
  • GoonerSoldier
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    Can't even play as a real life coach in Career Mode. What if I want to be Unai Emery instead of a created manager. EA do NOT care about its hardcore fans who have played the game for years now. Most of us don't even play FUT at all.
  • the game is dead...I ll buy PES this summer after years
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