Fernando El Nino Torres FIFA 20 Icon

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Could El Nino be amongst the new icons going into FIFA 20? Maybe he'll get the 4* WF 4 * SM's back also.

Base 87

Mid 90

Prime 92


  • JVO97NL
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    No, short period of time.
  • EekAlaska
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    Still my favorite card in UT history was his 92 way back when. That card was unstoppable and so much fun to use.

    Doubt even an Icon version would come close tbh.
  • Boysie91
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    Imo he wasn't a Icon if he stayed at Liverpool he would definitely be an icon by now.
  • SSL14
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    I think his scoring stats are pretty poor in recent years but what he achieved with the NT and some of the massive goals he scored makes him a cert IMO. Plus he's hugely popular, I've come across his flashback card more than any other bar Zlatan (who was considerably cheaper).
  • selb
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    It wont be just yet, maybe FIFA 21 or 22 but, imo, there are players that deserve to get Icon status in FIFA before he gets it
  • EA_Andy
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    Some incredible seasons in the Premier League for Liverpool.

    He's won so much as well!

    *this is not confirmation of a new icon just my personal observations on Torres* ;)
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