How many people have packed Messi or ron


  • joehuk
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    Ronaldo fifa 19.

    That's it.
  • Deano2508
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    Fut 14 packed 97 IF Messi
    Fut 18 packed 99 cr7
  • TMega95
    167 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Got Messi in a 7.5k pack from squad battles lol, not even joking. Pretty early on as well!
  • Last year in FIFA 18 Ultimate TOTS Ronaldo still cant believe that!
  • starfox1284
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    I've gotten Messi twice and TOTS Ronaldo last year.
  • Nessy
    2304 posts Fans' Favourite
    Neymar tradable in 17
    Neymar untradable in 18
    CL messi in 19 untradable
    Never cr7..... Although my son has packed him twice since Xmas
  • robrau83
    268 posts Sunday League Hero
    Both in the first months of fifa 19
  • Embrared
    909 posts Semi-Pro
    Messi 11 times and Ronaldo 5 in nine years of FUT.
  • Whufc
    1380 posts Play-Off Hero
    Fifa 15 cr7
    Fifa 18 prime ronaldinho
  • SanderFC
    3059 posts National Call-Up
    The only Messi was last year TOTS Messi from the second Ultimate TOTS SBC.
    Never an icon or CR7 (except in WC mode) since FUT12
  • lukey200
    819 posts Semi-Pro
    if you have put money into FP then im not sure you will ever pack him
  • iRusty_yo
    4011 posts National Call-Up
    Embrared wrote: »
    Messi 11 times and Ronaldo 5 in nine years of FUT.

  • SomeNextGuy
    4785 posts Big Money Move
    I packed Rolando quite a few times throughout FUT 11 - 14.
  • FrankFrank
    4751 posts National Call-Up
    Nif Messi from untradeable rival rewards here
  • Knowlesdinho
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    Needs more poll action.
  • v4vendetta1978
    3229 posts National Call-Up
    Fifa 13 Messi but never pulled a tradeable icon ever
  • cjonesdnb
    156 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Packed TOTS Messi this year from the guarantee SBC. I was definitely stunned as I had been pulling goalies for most of the other guarantees.
  • DG4KH
    1665 posts Play-Off Hero
    edited June 2019
    played fifa since 12... over the years i've spent probably £5k... never packed Messi or Cr7 or even an Icon.
    224 posts Sunday League Hero
    Packed 2 cr7s this year. Packed once before that. Also packed Messi twice in one season
  • AjaxLegends
    3760 posts National Call-Up
    Packed Messi for the first time in the Depay SBC. Ronaldo never.
  • PlayerSayers
    578 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Played since the beginning so 6-7 years... neither Messi or Ron or an icon or anyone worth over 100k 🥺🥺🥺
  • Moe_86
    1633 posts Play-Off Hero
    I packed IF CR7 and in the same week I packed Dybala the pink one , after this pull my pack luck was history
  • SuperSonicSean
    6159 posts Big Money Move
    I've played since FIFA 15. No money spent, and I've never packed Ronaldo/Messi.

    As far as icons are concerned, the only one I've ever packed was a baby one that sold for about 300K last year. Don't even remember who it was.
  • CeeQue
    13160 posts Has That Special Something
    Last year towards the end of the FUT 18. I think it was 3IF, never packed Cr7.
  • cartyHUNTER
    1421 posts Professional
    Played all but one ultimate team. I packed Ronaldo around March of 13. That was as good as it got. Only other pulls over 300k value have been tif Sanchez in his penultimate season at arsenal (320k) and Mbappé upgrades card during carniball which sold for 375k.

    Gives you and idea of the odds.

  • Torn4do
    1170 posts Professional
    Highest rated card I have ever pulled is Oblak, and the best card is Aguero, unfortunately it was when his value had dropped below 60k! Would have been nice to pull at the start of the game!
  • D0lvl
    3469 posts National Call-Up
    I’ve packed cr7 and Neymar both NIF.
    No Messi or Mbappe (hope to get his red tomorrow :)
  • GT500
    745 posts Semi-Pro
    Never Messi or Ronaldo. No icon either. Come to think of it I’ve never packed a card for en event other than totw. (Toty, tots, future stars, headliners,you name it) Get elite 3-1 squad battles, take ubtradeables for rank 2/3 div 2 and gold 3 champs finishes. It’s been a rough year.
  • CokePrime
    119 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    First and only year I've packed CR7, did 2 of the summer OTW SBCs and got him in the second...was in shock.

  • mark1089
    643 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Packed cr7 from a 7.5k pack on the first day this year. Then I pulled his ucl card when the first upgrades were out. Pulled Messi right before the la liga tots.
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