The reason it took so long to respond...

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"We wanted to be 100% sure that this patent didn't exist in this game. This includes all aspects - every mode and gameplay."

Are you kidding? How long would it take the developers just to say Yes or No to something they have either put in the game or not. Or do they literally have no idea what they've put in it?

Let's be happy it isn't then..... Or

Is this an admission that it is effectively broken coding? Obviously we all accept not every shot can go in, not every pass will make it, not every shot will be saved as there has to be an element of chance that something will go wrong. However, it's the extremes that people cannot put up with. Man City would be a conference side if they reflected Fifa on some of the runs you can go on where nothing works. This isn't about moaning about losing, it's about playing a game that is consistent to your input. I don't want a game where I can be 3 0 up or down inside virtual 10 minutes because somehow the game has decided that those were perfect and then play another game where 15 shots on target results in nothing game after game and the other player gets 1 or 2 shots and in it goes in. Odd game here and there maybe, game after game until it suddenly switches, no thanks. I want to lose to a better player so I can learn to get better at the game. I want to win the game because I've genuinely out thought the other player. And maybe that win or loss was as a result that either of us had that extra player with that extra rating that mattered in that moment.

Or is it an admission of server issues?The odd game here and there maybe expected and accepted to be ropey but to have daily issues between one mode or the other and several Weekend Leagues being extended is a massive failure.

There will never be a fully reasoned explanation because it will basically be an admission of a broken game that players have put a massive amount of time and critically money into. And we are not just talking about the initial cost of the game. Some players literally put thousands extra into this game. To admit to a broken game would be disastrous to EA as they would be liable to compensation for continuing to take money from players on what is essentially a broken game.

So potentially thanks that it isn't in the game, but please can you code it properly for consistent gameplay and sort the servers out. Think about how much more money you could make if you did. If that's not an incentive then I don't know what is.


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    Maybe it was in the game...but now isn't...
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    You know they are 10k Folks at EA 😁
  • “EA Sports. It might be in the game”
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    Just played a rivals game against a full silver squad. 1st half I'm 5-0 and get a red card in 20th minute. In that 1st half I was not able to put 2 passes together, let alone create a chance or shoot on goal.
    In the end I win the game 7-5.
    Now, either my opponent stopped playing or I somehow all of a sudden learned how to play. Or maybe just maybe something else was the reason.
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    Well, they said their Patent let the players play 9% more / longer. That brings more cash through FUT.

    - Does anyone really believes they won't put this or something similar in the game?

    - 2016 they said, something like this could not be developed.
    2017 the had the patent on it

    - Does it really take months to ask the 100 developers in Vancouver to get an answer?

    - Did Andy really said, it is not included in ANY Part / Mode of Fifa? Not even in Squad Battles and The Journey? Couldn't stop laughing....

    - Reading all comments to the "official announcement" it seems, that there is absolutely no one going to believe it.
    Because it is way too late, way too obvious
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