What’s everyone doing for fut swap ?



  • TheArchitect
    941 posts Professional
    I stopped because the game is pointless from now on
  • starfox1284
    1359 posts Professional
    I am doing the Liga NOS pack and 2 IFS....only 1 IF to get now.
  • SuperSonicSean
    5731 posts Big Money Move
    Icon. I want a chance at Ronaldo/Gullit/Pele/Cruyff/Vieira/Matthaus/Maradona since I'll never be able to afford their SBCs. If I get trash, then I'll just put him in a SBC for a free 100K pack. Can't lose with that.
  • Gloria_ou_Morte
    253 posts Sunday League Hero
    I'm undecided between:
    Rare mega pack + Bundesliga TOTS
    Alex Sandro + Electrum pack
  • Jpo41
    584 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Going Bundes....Good luck to all the other Bundes risk takers may they be filled with Reuses, Lewas, Sanchoes and Havertzes.
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