I want fut server in Korea


  • zandikim
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    edited June 2019
  • 33qpq
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  • RDJ
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    EA, Korea is the one of the most biggest game market. What are you hesitating?
  • piecs1
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    Korea FUT server Please ! Korea FUT server Please ! Korea FUT server Please !
  • Klrimt
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    It seems like only we are being treated unfairly by paying the same amount of money as people in other countries. Please set up a server in Korea!
  • horang
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    hello god game fifa20
    We need FUT SEVER.
    I play games every day, but it is hard to play proper games because there is no server.
    Even if I use a good player, I crawl like a snail and the shot flies toward the atmosphere.
    I want you to help me.
  • Jibchu
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    We need server in korea
    i want to play fifa smoothly and happy
    I belive that ea make server in korea
    If korean have our server, ready to play well fifa than other nations
  • Im gonna buy ultimate version of fifa20 if
    we have fut servers in korea!!
    Come on EA!!!
  • Yena
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    I want to have ea fifa korea server~ the person loves fifa series like japanese~ so for our convenence and your company game's future~ I strongly recommend it and cheer up Ea sports~!
  • Jin0301
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    All Korean football fans want FIFA server in Our nation!!!
  • jaehun
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    Korea FUT server Please !Korea FUT server Please !

    I love it fifa!!
  • Come on! Korea FUT server! We're ready to open our wallet!
  • oddl
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  • Makarov
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    Please build a server on south korea EA!
  • soso4718
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    Hello EA and fifa20

    I have to propose to you.
    We want fifa20's korean server

    We love football and we have a lot of interest.
    For example, he is giving up his interest to watch Su-heung Min and his U-20 World Cup.
    I love football so much and I appreciate that ea has made it to Korean.

    Please open the Korean server and let me play pleasantly.
  • Nabin
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    please creat a server in Korea, too.
    many users are playing and enjoy Fifa, but moving and motions of players in game are too slow to play.
  • JayLee
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    Korea FUT server Please !Korea FUT server Please !
  • Pietu
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    selb wrote: »
    All these new profiles joining at around the same time, either you Koreans are very organised or you're spamming new accounts, I know which one I suspect

    This thread 😂😂
  • nhs159
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    I want a Korean server !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Pietu
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    You really shouldn't want Fifa servers, the game only makes you annoyed
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