Whats happened to fifa 19

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Stopped playing after toty but just started playing again past week or so.

Every opponent i have played has 10 men constantly charging the ball. Yet their stamina never drops n are never out of position when i am attacking.

I thought all that crap got patched? Im guessing some youtube released some bs tactics over the last few months?


  • Nem
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    Tots cards with 99 stamina happened :mrgreen:
  • nathswfc
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    Haha its the same when they havent got tots players tho
  • Joestoe
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    When I'm down in the 70th minute or so, I switch to press with team but even then, at the 90th minute my players are dead.

    And they all have very high stamina.
  • P
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    The first time shots are the most annoying thing. The pressure has always been there.
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