What are your opinions of squad battles?



  • hjdjydyufu
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    SB sucks it hard
  • DutyHarry
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    I played it all year on 18 for rewards consisently going for E1, but it was already bad, this year it's somehow went waaaay worse, I played it the first month and hit easilly E1 without having to play on weekends and I simply gave up, too much bs and sliders manipulation, more than in online games.
    Now I only play it for TOTS or Swap rewards when I can bother.
  • Fadazzo
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    Had to play a few squad battle games for the swap players and Zaniolo, it was absolutely horrible. Wanted to give my controller flying lessons just ten minutes in.
  • Shaanxz
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    Easy but boring and tedious
  • Reus
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    Though so is every other mode on ultimate team these days

    Fifa 19 will be my last ultimate team, haven't played in months and dont miss it
  • Ecr8on
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    It’s horrible to play and what is hilarious is that they AI’s chem means nothing which is nothing short of hypocritical
  • ChrisLFC
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    Last year the gameplay was better (I'm talking solely against the AI here) and you got better rewards so playing SB was worth it. You could get elite 3/gold 1 only playing 15-20 or so games.

    This year rewards are trash and gameplay against the AI is awful so the mode is terrible.
  • Knowlesdinho
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    It’s actually quite easy to beat the AI when you get used to it. Sitting comfortably at Elite 1 this week without trying too hard. At first just for objectives, now I’ll play a few more to secure Elite 1.
  • Xtrem3 Poptarts
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    It’s actually quite easy to beat the AI when you get used to it. Sitting comfortably at Elite 1 this week without trying too hard. At first just for objectives, now I’ll play a few more to secure Elite 1.

    Last year was definitely better because they actually attack instead of constant park the bus.

    With that being said, it’s definitely not bad at all
  • PirateW
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    Gabbalala wrote: »
    Orison wrote: »
    What they mean by that is that the squad battles teams use the chemistry system.

    So players and teams are receiving stat boosts based on player and team chemistry which is different than offline seasons or so in which teams don't get chemistry boosts and instead play as if they are all on 5chem as in h2h.

    Squad battles is the worst mode in fut, but y'all need to chill on the conspiracy theories :joy:

    “Squad Battles uses your opponent team’s chemistry”...But from that you get that they have chemistry style boosts applied? :joy:

    Look, I might be wrong but don’t go shouting ‘conspiracy theory’ when I’m telling you what something has been wrote as on the game modes’ screen. You don’t have to belittle every opinion/thought/outlook that doesn’t follow your own.
    What orison said is correct.
    Your opponents in squad battles has their own chemistry, and any boosts or declines are applied to their players, same with any chemistry attributes eg hawk.
    Often it’s easier against 89 squad battle opponents with terrible chemistry (-3 attributes = effectively 86 rated opposition) than it is against an 83 rated with perfect chemistry (+5 attributes = 88 rated opposition).
    Hence chemistry is important when choosing your opponents if you’re not going to play all 4 matches.

    The comment that ‘squad battles uses chemistry’ is so that single players understand that if they were to face eg all Man Utd (86 rated, 100 chemistry) in squad battles, they would have attribute boosts due to chemistry and perform like a 91 rated team - when compared to playing against Man Utd in single player season when they are purely 86 rated with no boosts. The comment is there so that people understand that Legendary on one mode won’t necessary give the same opposition performance as Legendary in the other mode, depending on team/player chemistry and individual chemistry cards on AI players.
  • Keano
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    Antparry92 wrote: »
    It’s fine except for when they decide to flip the switch and become Barcelona circa 08/09 with their damned 1-2 tiki taka nonsense

    It’s great when you’ve got kids to pause it and stuff but then you get this nonsense and think why do I put myself through it

  • Unemesis
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    It’s actually quite easy to beat the AI when you get used to it. Sitting comfortably at Elite 1 this week without trying too hard. At first just for objectives, now I’ll play a few more to secure Elite 1.

    Yes, I agree, with practice you can beat the ai on legendary and reach E1 easily every week, but from my perspective the issue here is with the way the ai plays, it's really annoying because it's not limited by player stats, this is the best example of how they made the AI harder to beat by just ignoring stats, like acceleration, reactions, interceptions, strength, balance, agility, composure:
    Gabbalala wrote: »
    You mean Block Battles?


    Situations like that one are frustrating and take the fun out of the game, because they're unrealistic and those blocks shouldn't happen the way they happen.

    Any silver defender can intercept shots like a ninja or rugby player and do a better work than our VVD TOTS, why our ai controlled players can't do the same when playing against the AI in SB?
  • Keano
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    I know how to beat them, I genrally do well & could push for top 100 if I wasn't working weekends, what puts m eoff is games where I'm winning or doing great... suddenly out of nowhere they either take a lognshot that flies past everyone, or ping pong pass it into my net out of the blue... which takes points away & the only ting in SB i can achieve now is top 100, otherwise it's just the grind for rewards, no real test (and it's not a real test with how the ai switches it on/off for a few seconds when it suits anyway).
  • Grown93
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    The worst you can imagine. :D
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