Coins or packs what should I take

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Div 2 rank 1.

Should I take coins or packs.

Took untradable packs last two weeks and got nothing so really thinking of taking coins this time.

What are you taking?


  • PeteB7977
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    I always open fut champs first then decide, if I get good profit from fut champs I go untradeable if crap coins
  • Rossco160715
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    As above
  • Guvnor
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    I’m in the same dilemma here! 70k coins or 6 half decent untradeable packs.
  • Damo_Suzuki
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    I take coins. I started taking the 2x untradeable ultimate packs from div 1 rank1/2 at the beginning of tots but would generally only get 1 x84/85 and some 83s etc so decided there was more value from coins.
  • E_clipZe
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  • MUFC_420
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    I always take the coins and have done all year. First couple of weeks I took the packs and got shafted so I go for the coins to save disappointment.
  • AjaxLegends
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    I’m taking the coins so I can buy TOTY Marcelo. If you have no goal/don’t need the coins go with packs. Players come in handy for SBC’s anyway and the gamble is more fun.
  • Wooly1203
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    I think I’m taking coins because last week I did packs and it was complete garbage. If you get lucky with packs, it could pay off. Definitely a risk though
  • Argentus
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    Used to take coins, but the allure of pulling TOTS is too strong, so I go untradeable (also better for SBCs).
  • FifaProDK
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    tradeable packs when theres promos hoping to hit jackpot, it has not happend yet...
  • OZero
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    Packs. 40-50K coins can’t get you any decent TOTS now. Packs are your only hope.
  • Johnnydp
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    packs. no risk no gain.
  • Bobo23
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    edited June 2019
    Packs, too late in the game to be worried about coins imo. But obviously you'd take the coins if you have a target you're aiming for, or close to being able to afford
  • HDouble
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    61k or 1 tradeable ultimate pack or 2 untradeable ultimate packs?
  • CarlosJr9
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  • hiya
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    who can you buy for 60-70k coins?
  • HDouble
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    hiya wrote: »
    who can you buy for 60-70k coins?

    No one I need to buy at this point all Tots subs etc
  • Kiido
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    I always go untradables. The fun in this game is opening packs despite the horrendous packweight. I would only choose coins if I really need them to buy a player but that's not the case
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