433(2) help - some positional choices?

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Just building my team - came late to 19 but didnt cost me anything. Dont have coins obviously, and Im where most of you were Sep/Oct - but could do with some advice.

So - Prem team, playing 433(2) - not relying on pace (thogh it comes in handy at times). My CMs I like to get forward and score - I cross about 50% of the time, and pass in or cut in with wingers 50%.

1. CM spot - 85 All or 88 Pogba.
2. LW, Son, Mane, 86 Willian
3. RW - Salah, 87 Mahrez
4. Striker, Kane or Aguero (need to be in the right place, be clinical, and to bring CMs/wingers into the game).

5. CDM - who???? I prefere a tall CDM to a pitbull when using just the one CDM - so not looking at Kante/Fernandino. Thinking IF Ndidi or Fabinho - only concerns really are passing as hes the start of my build up play. OR - does height really not matter in 19 and should I go for a Kante type player with decent passing and harrying skills.

I hope SOMEONE will chip in - As I say I know this is an old choice for most of you, most think the game is over, or are talking Tots and such - BUT were supposed to be a community - so Id appreciate some feedback for this level of team.



  • RvN008
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    Kante is great, but height does matter this year. Fabinho is obvious choice there, as most goalkicks will come in the CDM area. Maybe you could go 433(3) and slot both in.

    But if I were you, try some lower league TOTS as they bring much better stats for their price compared to normal gold/IF premier league players.
  • aberry1000
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    Pace > everything else
  • paul24878306
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    Cant agree, never have. It helps, but its far from everything and the fact some see it that way if 95% why the game isng fun. Punt and chase is a **** way to play.
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