Bad gameplay/servers on a tuesday

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What is going on


  • parky83
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    played one dr game earlier turned it of after was horrible
  • Retro_G
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    Gameplay was smooth for me in Rivals earlier, are you playing on Wi-Fi by any chance?
  • SStubbs88
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    Few times tonight i’ve thought my controller was broke. Taking a few seconds to register what i’ve pressed sometimes.
  • Paquetesousa
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    It’s EA’a servers... what do you mean “what’s going on?”
  • Berlus
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    Yeah it is horrible. Location: Germany
  • Boysie91
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    Connections today have been unplayable.
  • BookaJunior
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    Try playing away in singles. 100 attempts no home games. My players take 5 seconds to make a pass.
  • bobby2
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    Was fine for me probably people with **** connections, like ADSL.
  • bberger
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    bobby2 wrote: »
    Was fine for me probably people with **** connections, like ADSL.

    You do realize that ADSL is probably by far the best you can have for online gaming where bufferbloat, ping and stability matter? Beats Fibre and "Cable" (who are shared mediums just like 4G fyi) by miles..

    People will never realize that bandwidth is completely irrelevant for online gaming.

    It's like buying a passenger bus for racing in formula 1. Yeah, you can transport 50 people to their target simultaniously (bandwidth), but none of them have seat belts (packet loss), and has be be shared by 50 people which adds weight (congestion)
  • haha99
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    Horrible delays in rivals and using nbn on lan. Shocking
  • Gnomenclature
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    Is lag one sided? I feel like my players do nothing in defense, passes go astray, and there is this input lag where there is a half second between when i press the button and actual action happens... however, my opponent will be pressing hard, intercept every pass, and beat me to every 50/50 ball.

    If I score first, they change to constant pressure - after that, my frame rates drop, I can't control my players, and 8 out 10 actions are errors...

    Does this happen to other people?
  • BookaJunior
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    On Tuesday? You mean every day of the week.
  • Latanaka
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    Recoba wrote: »
    What is going on

    They switched Rivals server to AWS, should be actually better, seems they need a totally new game and not servers.
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