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Dembele LW card.

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edited June 2019
I packed a RW Dembele from weekend league rewards, however his tots card was a LW. I was compensated the LW but have no use for the LW card as I have Ronaldinho there. Also putting the 94 LW into a sbc is not ideal as I don’t need to do any sbcs currently and don’t plan on doing any high rated ones before the end of this fifa. It’s not unreasonable for me to ask to swap the 94 Dembele Left Wing to a untradeable 94 Alexander Arnold who is roughly 135k cheaper then Dembele. I have opened a case with Ea live chat. However they have also told me to post on here so that the studio moderators can look into this further to come up with a resolution.


  • Colt_seevers
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    No one on here can help mate. We can however let u know that it ain’t happening
  • TheArchitect
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    Thats the reason they are untradable> they have no value other than use in sbc or use in your squad
  • Imtnt
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    Wow.. till now they send ppl here in oreder to waste their time. Scru u EA.
    Pes2020 will be my next one......
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