Tots van persie any good?

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As above


  • Jpo41
    795 posts Semi-Pro
    I doubt hardly anyone has packed him yet. Unfortunately
  • Clanceypants
    455 posts Sunday League Hero
    I bought him, seems pretty good although he keeps missing absolute sitters
  • Gaz41S
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    I got him played 4 games scored 8.
    Great in the air, i find his finishing to be amazing, doesnt miss. Good bit of speed, his acceleration is in the low 90's, so he breaks the line well. Going down in price so I'd reccomend testing him out pal.
  • Pikandel
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    Isn’t his jumping an issue?
  • Gaz41S
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    I've no issues with him. But like I say only played 4 matches with him so far.
  • Dudemaster_c1
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    Can hybrid into BPL teams with Wijnaldum
  • Skywalker XVII
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    His EoE is amazing so I really want his tots.
    Changed him for tots griezmann when i packed him and so far it feels like a downgrade.
    I dond score headers though so cant compare his heading with other strikers.
  • RvN008
    341 posts Sunday League Hero
    Had his EoaE card, didnt play much with him as he just not got the x-factor, while I love him irl, his jumping is way to low, never wins headers, only 3* WF is a big letdown, and his curved balls arent on point either. Cant be bothered to try his TOTS, went for El Khayatti instead whom does a far better job.
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