Cruyff or not to cruyff What should i do, help wanted

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I have 1.4 mill and im thinking of buying 91 cruyff to replace mata. However also thinking if i were to get 91 matthaus to upgrade on kante and i could get b.silva to replace mata for the same price of cruyff. Is cruyff end game good or would i be better using the funds elsewhere???

My team switch to 4222 in game son and crespo are strikers



  • Dutchcaliber
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    only cruyff that is really worth it is the 95. other cards have stamina and balancr issues
  • Mikep2212
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    Thanks for that mate saved me buying him to find that out
  • Boysie91
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    I didn't like Cruyff and a lot of others have said the same thing. He is like marmite you either love him or hate him.
  • Mikep2212
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    Yeah heard mixed reviews of him and tbh im not willing to lose coins on him. After looking at reviews may go for tots lacazette he seems to be highly rated
  • AlbinoXI
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    Cruyff is the heart of my team absolutely love him
  • Dudemaster_c1
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    Buy he’s quality
  • Polorimps
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    I use the 91 and he’s honestly superb I love him. I use him at ST
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    He may be the only reason I still play this game. Him as a cam in a 4-1-2-1-2 is so much fun.
  • Derryboy1893
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    He's fantastic. Not used 91 but 94 had stamina issues at CAM but was fine as St. Only had the 95 a few days and I'm using as St or cf and he's just so much fun
  • RvN008
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    95 Cruijff wins games for me, but still gets lost on the pitch sometimes. Gullit and other big guys have far more presence on the pitch.
  • Briggsy
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    I've been using his 89 card since the base icon fut swap was out, I just love him and play him at ST - I'm now working towards his PIM and will try him at CAM and move tots Jovic to ST or just leave him at ST if that doesn't work out - He's just awesome.
  • Lackosweat
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    Eusebio ST. Sonaldo wide CAM.
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    PIM Cruyff is the best player in the game, the other versions not so much.
  • RVN_10
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    Recently bought the 91, wasn't sure if there would be much difference between the 89 and 91 but went for the 91 anyway.

    What a player he is, power shots in the box are lethal has scored a few headers which I wasnt expecting. Will only sell when I can afford eusebio
  • klaas9
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    PIM Cruyff is the best player in the game, the other versions not so much.

  • Chavez76
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    playing his 91 card for quite a while now, he is great. Scores for fun, and is incredibly fun to play with.
    stamina though is an issue, he is playing as a CCAM for me and I need to replace him around 70th minute
  • Mikep2212
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    Is 91 eusebio still a great card then? Im currently running tots lacazette who has been pretty good to be honnest. I can only imagine eusebio is another level
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