Icons vs high rated TOTS players ?

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I see a lot of you claim TOTS players don't really seem to play to their stats. I got 2-3 mill available for a top level CAM. Would it be safer to do an Icon SBC (Cruyff PIM, Prime Pele, Prime Eusebio) or go for another special card ? This player would replace TOTS Bruno Fernandez as either LCAM or RCAM in 4231


  • El_Nino
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    The real elite Icons are still the best imo. Eusebio/Cryuff will outplay any TOTS CAM imo
  • Delvinho
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    Only TOTS I could see rivalling the icons atm is TOTS Havertz
  • P1tch_1nvaderz88
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    Agree with above... the real elite icons still outperform any TOTS. I use Prime Ronaldinho and he's just immense
  • 3MenandaBebe
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    Top icons and toty are best cards

    Tots are good but not even close to the best cards available except maybe at right back
  • JimNoShoes
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    Agree above, but not sure about full backs. Sold 91 Roberto Carlos, who I loved as a player and replaced with TOTS Robertson and made. 50k profit, but feels like an upgrade.......
  • BeefyRabouter
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    The problem lies in traits and custom movements mostly imo. A lot of TOTS players don't have any noteworthy traits on him or a basic body type.
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