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    Records mean **** this year due to game play. My record is 1123:90:1222 div 1 before reshuffle. I must have quit over 800 games 10mins in game time this year. Am out as soon as am delayed. Cant be arsed playing in that condition. Am out straight away as soon as my players start lunging.

    So you're happy to play in good gameplay if your opponent is evidently experiencing bad gameplay? Cant imagine you quit when your opponent takes bad touches and lunges etc?

    And this is the reason i dont get mad this fifa if ppl quit on me. Yes it would be nice if they give up a goal first so my times not wasted but i fully understand the frustration.
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    Only time I would be interested in someones record is if I just played them in WL to know what form they are on otherwise who cares, the only person that will ever look at your record is likely yourself or maybe a couple of friends unless you're a youtuber or something.

    Lost count of how many free wins I've given out this year in WL and objectives just to help people out and people could just boost their record offline anyway if they really wanted
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    I haven't cared about my record for years now it means nothing now especially with gameplay that is aimed towards people with no football brain and the abuse to win mechanics/mentality.

    Seriously i played someone before in division 5 rivals who did 100+ la croquetas in 1 game and thats just a rough estimate.
    Fifa 11 and 12 i would say i somewhat cared about my record because those games made sense to me and wasn't random at all times plus the gameplay was always consistent and fun to play even during somewhat laggy matches and even when i conceeded a goal or lost a match i was like yeah ok next game.

    Fifa now i will be honest i concede a bs goal and thats me done im out and I'm not ashamed of it either its just not worth the hassle trying to break through all the broken rubbish you will never ever be in control of.
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    Do people really care about records over the age of 16? Weird thread this from the OP.
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    does the record give any rewards? dont think so, so why look at it. I hardly notice my record. What does a record do to you guys?
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    Do people really care about records over the age of 16? Weird thread this from the OP.

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    Does having a good record give you a bigger weiner?

    No, those with good records are big weiners.
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