Anybody else keep getting gk's from these guarenteed packs?

Ze Jay
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Out of every guarenteed pack so far I've gotten 5 goal keepers.
Ederson from prem (Also appeared in both my red picks)
Koval from Saudi league
Sommer from bundesliga (also popped up once in a red pick)
Gunok from SuperLig
And now Ter Stegen from Laliga :angry:

I swear EA are doing this to wind me up now :neutral:


  • Cheetah Thumbs
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    I've gotten a few now. Today was my 3rd. Hanvnt done la Liga yet, but will when I get home. I'm sure it will be a gk.
  • Lewangodski
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    Only did two of the big leagues and got Madison and Sommer who has been by far the worst keeper I've used this year
  • Azof
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    @'96DC2 but he cant tell you about it atm
  • Jim
    1373 posts Professional
    Only one keeper so far, but with the exception of Alex Telles all of mine have been <90 ovr. Last year I'd say more than half were 90+, so it definitely feels like EA have made it far harder to pack the most popular cards.
  • Jrutts
    694 posts Professional
    Same with me including my best player picks each week, lost all belief to be honest but packed tots suarez lastnight so I guess it’s a matter of persisting...
  • CervezaNL
    1269 posts Professional
    I got the lowest rated player every single time. So no, nog goalkeepers. But believe me that i envy you
  • IPedro
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    Yep gks every time for me, Alison sommer gunok ter stegan
  • PelzyWelzy
    9293 posts League Winner
    3 GKs, a cb and a lb so far...
  • BecksRightPeg
    378 posts Sunday League Hero
    Pretty much. Got lucky with Epl and packed Silva. Red picks have been all keepers too.
  • Wattagunt
    326 posts Sunday League Hero
    Had ok luck in mine for a change.

    Madison - prem
    Gnabry - bundesliga
    Dembele - la Liga

    Could definitely have been worse. Along with getting Sancho in my elite pack last week ain't been a bad tots for me.

  • Pieman
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    edited June 5
    4 gk so far. Plus Puskas from base icon swap last week :D
  • Joestoe
    4643 posts National Call-Up
    I have either gotten a CB or GK.
  • Antparry92
    17529 posts World Class
    2/3 keepers so far.

    Ederson, Gunok and Borja Iglesias
  • FootyFootyFootball
    2594 posts Fans' Favourite
    Had my second keeper in a row today.

    Laporte (actually decent and useful as I use Lloris in goal)
    Ter Stergen

    Annoying to trade keeper for keeper though
  • MattDaddy V1
    1601 posts Play-Off Hero
    I've had Ederson who I used in the bundes one and got Sommer. Sold my tradeable one so not a problem (turned a few k profit on him lol.) Tempted to do the la Liga one using my Saudi tots card and hope for Ter Stegen but knowing my luck I'd get the other goalkeeper who wouldn't fit in my team lol.
  • Thunder001
    444 posts Sunday League Hero
    Wish I'd got a goalkeeper from the Bundesliga, but I seem to be stuck with left backs instead, made even worse by that seems to be the position used for the weekly objectives.
  • so i opened every single tots guraniteed pack and i only got one lb (bundesliga tots gurantieed) and one cam(latm tots gurantied) other were onl goalkeppers. I dont belive it can be a bad luck like 6 gk from 6 packs! I spent on every sbc around 35k and put some player that i got form weekly objective! I have around 900 games if not more and now this happenes to me... I have 60k left and zero player who are tradable above 83 so i cant get coins except from playing... idk what to do i put all those gk in sbc except ederson and oblak and now i got benitez... idk how is that even posibble that one person can get from ever pack that are simillar same position. I tried to talk to ea they said they would fix that... This is very demotivating ...
  • Giggs11
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    Completed every single guaranteed TOTS sbc. Pulled a GK in every single one. Usually the lowest rated GK as well from each TOTS as well
  • PelzyWelzy
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    edited June 18
    I put TOTS Sirigu in to Ligue 1 and got Maignan back, obvs.

    As mentioned in another thread, I've now gotten a GK in absolutely every single major league one apart from Bundes where I got Schulz... who I then also got in red picks. As for the minor league ones, I've gotten one player who wasn't a goalkeeper. And that was a Saudi centre-back.

    Speaking of picks, they've been just as bad.

  • mellow_yellow
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  • Pieman
    470 posts Sunday League Hero
    I moaned about this in another thread over the last few weeks. Had mostly GKs from these SBCs. Even got donarumma as one of my player picks last week, though he’s proved quite useful. But pulled Mbappe last night so all is forgotten. ;)
  • FinneganFach
    2123 posts Fans' Favourite
    Only done Ligue 1 and got Fonte.
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