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Note: The SBCs issue has been resolved, details posted on this thread in a tweet from FIFA Direct Communication.

How are people still sniping rare UCL players?

196 posts Sunday League Hero
Need 1more and it seems impossible now


  • Tboon
    2849 posts National Call-Up
    Same here.... I gave up
  • QceCapo
    5604 posts Big Money Move
    Just for experiment purposes it took me an hour to find
  • WellWornBeast
    2147 posts Fans' Favourite
    Great job EA.
  • xFATAL
    4887 posts Big Money Move
    Just wait until sbc is about to expire and loads will go on the market.
  • Dany846babi
    13 posts Ball Boy
    It's impossible EA !!!!! I tried 2 hours and nothing!!! Min. 59, sec. 58 and "sorry but blabla" !! 2 hours !!!
  • malky
    369 posts Sunday League Hero
    I bought UCL Sule for 20k and sold him for 70k😉
  • JasonF01
    160 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    I saw Wesley about 3 times, Sulejmani once, and Mario Rui twice. Didn't manage to snipe any of them though. This was in the space of about 20 mins, then I got bored and remembered the packs would only be trash anyway.
  • tom4s
    228 posts Sunday League Hero
    My best advice:
    Just create a concept squad with all the ucl rares from the Russian league and super lig and then cycle through "compare price" for every player until you come across one to buy.
  • Razorback86
    658 posts Semi-Pro
    How can EA be ok with having an SBC that is basically impossible to complete
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