GK movement/animation in penalty shootouts

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EA, can you please REMAKE your Gk movement/animation in penaltys?

In this comment I'll show a couple of examples.

Penalty saved by an Avenger superhero


As you can see, the Gk was in the middle of the goal before my player take the penalty.

That save is IMPOSSIBLE if this game is trying to be a football game. No human can save this...no Gk can side jump like that.

Another different example (same match lol)

Again, Gk in the middle

And the save. Well...I could accept if the Gk saved with ONE hand...but again, no balance, Gk side jumped through the middle...and easy saved...a penalty that easily would be a goal in real life.

Please watch a few penalty shootouts and see where are the "limit" of Gk saves...high balls should never been saved without Gk moving to the right side before the player take the penalty. In this game, if the Gk guess the penalty side, whey will 99% save...when in reality we se a lot ( I mean, A LOT) of penaltys that Gk guessed the right side and failed to save them. I play FIFA since FIFA12 and this always was an issue... tired to have this superheroes as Gk when I'm taking a penalty. If you want make the shoot system different, harder, but you cannot make Gk superheroes. This is unfair for people that like football.

Another huge thing...
You implemented the head movement as the side we gonna shoot. So, why can't I look to one side and take the penalty to the other side, without stop looking to the other side? Why I have a lot of penaltys that goes to the middle when I clearly last second changed the direction to the opposite side? Can you please review this? Yeah, the head movement is a good thing...BUT NOT when it shows clearly to my opponent where I'm aiming the ball.

What's your opinion? Its strange when almost no one talk about this.


  • JURITO1000
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    I dont agree with opinion - even if i guess the right spot the ball can go in.

    This is a game,not real football. If i guess it right then it should be a save 100% time. I must be rewarded for guess the right side.

    BUT! There should be more options for penalty taker. Right bottom,right top,middle,Left bottom,left top.

  • Renamed123456
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    I don't necessarily agree... But I do agree when the goalkeeper seems to guess the exact position including top corner it's a bit suspect and a bit of a joke.

    Not sure I've seen such goalkeeping especially top corner ones.
  • maksi
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    JURITO1000 wrote: »
    This is a game,not real football. If i guess it right then it should be a save 100% time. I must be rewarded for guess the right side.
    so what's the point having a player with good penalty stat

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