Prime henry

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Any reviews?


  • Dazzler179
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    I too would like to know. Currently have TOTS Aguero and he’s amazing but I feel like I need to balance my team better so would sell him. Henry was one of the guys I was thinking of replacing him with.

    His balance looks really low but then that’s the same for FB Ibra and most tall strikers and it’s rarely an issue.
  • regia5bg
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    Any reviews?

    Just bought yesterday his Prime Moments version (not sure if you refer to Prime Icon or Prime Moments Icon) as price was lower than a lot of TOTS (Son 400k/500k more? Really?).

    At this point he's not anymore a supertop player, but he's very very good anyway, as he's top on speed & shoot, and he's physically good.
  • Guvnor
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    I have him, he’s very good, great pace for a tall player, dribbling is good, his shot is immense, stamina lasts the full 90, not had any extra times recently so can’t comment on that, I find him stronger on the ball than cruyff was but not quiet as nimble. Does disappear on corners though,

    I’m very happy with him, Iv tried a lot of icon strikers and I’m settled with him,
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