fut swap sbc

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so when are we getting the last fut swap player ?? mon ? tue ? wed ?
i get the sqaud battles one tomarrow .


  • S15gc
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    I'm also wondering this, presuming it's an sbc
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    Wednesday at the latest but I'm guessing either today or tomorrow.
  • Dazzler
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    So what’s everyone going for when it’s complete?

    Base icon, Suarez or something different?
  • leon1309
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    Cancelo+Rodriquez for me.
  • Delboy13710
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    Went for Cancelo and Rodriguez apart from Eusebio rest of the base icons dont make my team
  • SimenHP
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    I need an icon for Gullit SBC.

    Only icons, I would use and not throw in his sbc would be.

    1. Pele
    2. Cruyff
    3. Maradona
    4. R9
    5. Vieira
    6. R10
  • DFC1983
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    I think it will probably be tomorrow.

    Wednesday will be the UEL promo night for the final.

    Although I would love it if they gave us an (example) Arsenal SBC tonight, Chelsea sbc tomorrow, UEL sbc Wednesday, Spurs sbc Thursday, Liverpool sbc Friday and UCL sbc Saturday.
  • Moy
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    I’m taking base icon again, if its not one of the bigger ones then it’s going into a PIM one
  • Dazzler
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    Got Gattuso about the 3rd cheapest icon in the game. :'(
  • WS-SCFC-1184
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    Dazzler wrote: »
    Got Gattuso about the 3rd cheapest icon in the game. :'(

    I know ur pain i got okocha last time and Rm makelele this time 🙄
  • Moy
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    Got Deco
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