Prime Eusebio or Prime moments Cruyff

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I have been thinking about doing the sbc, which one would you recommend and why?


  • BombSquadPuppy
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    I recommend eusebio, i packed and used his mid for roughly 700 games, he always came in clutch with a wondershot that went in, felt agile and strong on the ball, he also knew how to dive 😉
  • EekAlaska
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    Im kinda in the same boat. I need someone that can play St or any CAM position and not sure who to go with
  • Seanspence31
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    I just did Eusebio and I am so glad I did. The guy is a monster at St and CAM.
  • limjitwe
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    Definitely Eusebio. I’ve only used both primes and not PIMP Cruyff so it may not be accurate.

    But Eusebio definitely is a clutch player who scores the goals to win you games. If he’s not scoring, he’s assisting more. He may not be a big guy but he always appears in the right place at the right time.

    Cruyff was good and fun to use for sure. But somehow he didn’t seem clutch like Eusebio was for me. Plus he’s really weak and loses the ball at a touch.
  • Syahiran17
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    I personally prefer Cruyff cuz of the 5*5* and fun but Eusebio is more meta imo
  • Jeremy295
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    I can't talk up eusebio enough. Did his sbc and they guy is fantastic. He's made the same impact for me at cam that having gullit in my team did last year. Could only afford one big icon sbc this year so figured why not a new one. I don't regret it one bit!
  • Foxsake
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    I need a cam but would he work behind striker or better as a ram?
  • Raider
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    Foxsake wrote: »
    I need a cam but would he work behind striker or better as a ram?

    cam for sure, unless u got toty neymar or pim gullit instead :D
  • 3MenandaBebe
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    Eusebio 110%

    He’s wonderful at striker or any cam

    Passing, shooting, dribbling, jumping, heading. He’s amazing at everything. He doesn’t have 5* skills so that is something to think about if it’s important to you
  • Phyxius
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    Anyone else?
  • DasPonyboy
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    Eusebio...he’s the besssssst, I lav him

    -Nacho Libre and Me
  • Ishibum
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    I tried the loans for both and went with Eusebio. I have not remotely regretted this choice.

    @Djkhalid1921 knows all about him

  • JT_cfc
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    Used both on loan and currently grinding towards Cruyff's SBC. I like Eusiebo but I just dont think he is as agile and smooth on the ball as Cruyff. He is more physical and better at heading but I don't tend to score a lot of header anyways. Never used Cruyff's prime version but I assume that big upgrade on balance make a huge difference.
  • Johnnydp
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    both. Eusebio as striker and Cruyff as cam.
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